Upgraded from W98SE to XP

  pub 16:36 14 Jan 2007

I have just upgraded my daughters old computer to XP,this computer will never be used on the internet so I used the XP upgrade disc I upgraded my main PC with.As I say,the computer will not be used on the internet,so what happens after the 30 day deadline for registering XP with microsoft ? I managed to get rid of the message which flashes up every time the computer is turned on concerning the number of days left to register,its now 26 by the way.Help,I don`t really want to have to purchase another upgrade disc worth more than the computer its going onto and to be used purely by my 8 year old daughter for doing her "stuff" on.Before you ask,I upgraded to XP becaus that is the system she is used to at school and on this PC.
Many thanks

  Kate B 16:57 14 Jan 2007

If you've used the licence key with the upgrade disc for another computer, you won't be able to activate XP on the laptop. It will revert to a very limited functionality after the 30-day grace period. If however you haven't used that licence key before, just ring Microsoft and they'll give you an activation code.

  SLAYER 16:58 14 Jan 2007

There should be a free phone number displayed. When you decide to activate, the option to activate over the phone will be shown, if my memory serves me correctly.

  pub 17:04 14 Jan 2007

Yes I have used the activation code already.How limited is limited ?

  SLAYER 17:58 14 Jan 2007

God knows, I have activated quite a few times since I installed xp after it first came out.

I knew nothing then and was forever reinstalling.

I have never had a problem activating, most of the time I did it online, but I have phoned once.

As I said no problem.

  Totally-braindead 20:03 14 Jan 2007

Kate B has summed it up I think. If this is the upgrade disk from your other computer then you will not be able to register it.
You are only allowed to use one copy of XP on one PC, sorry.
As far as I know it will still work but after the 26 days it will come up with a thirty second warning that this is not a properly registered copy of windows. After the warning finishes I think windows starts and you can still use it. Notice I said I think thats what happens as I've not done this.

  Kate B 23:46 14 Jan 2007

Limited to one computer. You'll have to buy another licence key if you've used it on another computer.

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