upgraded broadband but speed still the same

  pookie 19:48 14 Nov 2006


i went from tiscali 2mb to 8mb. i have my own modem/router. desktop is cabled to router rather than wifi. i have been on 8mb for approx 2 weeks now.

i have been using speedtest.net to check upload/download speeds (approx 975 and 365). it's more or less then same as it was for 2mb. I use a long telephone line extension from the bt socket to the modem router as the pc is in a romm with no telephone socket. is it worth installing the modem router staright into the bt socket and using wifi instead - could the extension line be slowing my 8mb down.

for info my line supports 3.5mb so my speednet results are poor.

many thanks


  yaesu 19:57 14 Nov 2006

Hi, the length of your extension cable is likely to be insignificant compared with your distance from the exchange! My son has changed from 2 to 8 Mb connection and has seen very little advantage most of the time. My 2 Mb is often faster than his so called 8.
Regards, yaesu.

  gerry66 20:00 14 Nov 2006

Hi Pookie,

Two things u could try,

1, contact tiscali to make sure they have upgraded your broadband. Same happened to a m8 of mine, they started taking his money but neglected to up the line. aawww shucks I hear u say. i bet it would never work the other way around.

2, If that does'nt work try a program called xp smoker, and run the connection wizard, it works a treat. i had probs with my connection and with a couple of clicks it doubled my speed up to my paid for 8mbs.

3, If that does'nt work send me an email, I have a few registry hacks that can boost your connection , but this is with trial and error to get full speed and can be time consuming. It deals with MTU, MSS and "globalmaxtcpwindow" sizes. Yeah I know! sounds like fun.


  Quiller. 20:01 14 Nov 2006

You can upload @ 975K bytes/sec. That is ammazing I can just upload [ backhaul ] @ 35K bytes/sec best.

Your download speeds are around 365K bytes/sec. 1Mb every 3 seconds. That is around the 3.5Mb connection speed, isn't it?

It looks to me that you are on your right speed.

  gerry66 20:02 14 Nov 2006

sorry pookie that should have been 3 things u could try.

also my m8 did receive 3 months free rental for the confusion and time wasted so it could be bonus time!!

  gerry66 20:08 14 Nov 2006


No m8, I have 8mbs down stream and 1mb upstream. my top speeds are close to 800 kbs down stream and 100 kbs up stream. the loss i have is due to me using wireless in a cellar at a funny angle through walls.

pookis upstream is probably in kiloBITS so that seems about right 975. His down stream is probably kilobytes so he he is receiving a little under half of its potential.

  chrisjohn 20:14 14 Nov 2006

where can i get xp smoker,is it free ?is it any good?thanks

  gerry66 20:24 14 Nov 2006


click here

click here

You guessed it chris, choice number 2 is not a freebie. not sure of the limitations in the freeware version but worth a try. as for the warning there, well i don't know. i have used many times and only ever had excellent results.

  Dipso 20:29 14 Nov 2006

"Is it worth installing the modem router staright into the bt socket and using wifi instead? - could the extension line be slowing my 8mb down."

Yes and yes. This is how I am set up currently. If at all possible you should try and connect through the master socket whether wired (preferably) or wireless, this way you get the best connection possible from your line. Extension cables should be avoided if possible.

Take this test, persevere as it's busy click here and post the results back on here.

Which router do you use?

  Stuartli 20:39 14 Nov 2006

There's also DrTCP:

click here

plus try the Tweak Test link:

click here

My TalkTalk connection comes out well...:-)

  pookie 20:43 14 Nov 2006

it's a dlink dsl g604t. i tried the link but it brings up error saying it's busy - i'll try again later

xpsmoker - upload/download were slower than befor e i used it.

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