Upgrade to XP and Drivers

  leadwellie 11:02 07 Dec 2003

I will shortly be upgrading to windows XP from 98 SE. I am aware that I will have to update to XP compliant drivers for some of my hardware. My query is:-
having downloaded the necessary drivers to my desktop, do I install them now or following installation of XP. Also, is it safe to overwrite the current drivers or do I need to uninstall the current drivers?
I am a relative novice and would appreciate your suggestions.
Many thanks.

  Jester2K II 11:05 07 Dec 2003

Download them now and save them to a folder called XP Drivers or something. Install them AFTER the upgrade (then won't install under 98 anyway!)

The upgrade process will upgrade a lot of your drivers but you won't need to uninstall anything. Just install those drivers needed.

It'll be easy...

  User-312386 11:16 07 Dec 2003

the biggest problem i had was with my scanner drivers which were not XP compliant

click here to see if all your hardware and software is xp compiant

  User-312386 11:20 07 Dec 2003

although you would be better downlaoding the "upgrade advisor" from the microsoft site click here

go the bottom of the page and click on the link "download the upgrade advisor"

save it to disc and then double click it and it will tell you what you need drivers for and what software works

  exbrat67 17:40 07 Dec 2003

Check your motherboards website for xp BIOS, chipset and port drivers. I would install these as a last act on Win98 before installing xp. I hope that you are not even considering installing xp over Win 98 which would be a MOST unwise decision

  Jester2K II 07:45 08 Dec 2003

"I hope that you are not even considering installing xp over Win 98 which would be a MOST unwise decision "

And why not? Thats what the XP Upgrade disk is for!!! Thats what i did and it worked fine.

Also how do you expect to install XP Mobo drivers on a Windows 98 system?

  alcudia 08:30 08 Dec 2003

Gone over the top of '98 seven times now on different machines. Never had a problem, or needed a driver with the exception of modems.

As Jester says, it's easy. Also if anything is incompatible you can view a report on any issues before the install commences.

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