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  Bilbo 01:53 03 May 2003

Sorry about this but I'm a bit out of date with 'puter news. I seem to remember that when XP was released you had no choice but to register it with Bill, and would therefore have problems installing it on another computer.

Is this the case? The reason I ask is that I have been offered a second hand copy of XP and am wondering if I should bother as it may not work on my PC.

Thanks in anticipation.

  barn 01:59 03 May 2003

You can theoretically install it, but I wouldn't try much else. As far asi can see, Microsoft have it covered. You'll have to buy it to enjoy it!
That being said, there are plenty of ways around it if you're prepared to look elsewhere ( not the PCadvisor site!) for some answers

  hugh-265156 02:01 03 May 2003

from what i know if you have been given this from a friend and have a product key for it all it will take is a phone call to activate it.

  hugh-265156 02:02 03 May 2003

so long as its no longer installed on another system of course.

  Bilbo 02:12 03 May 2003

If it's not from a friend then I assume there is no way of knowing if it's still installed on another system?

  powerless 02:16 03 May 2003

You can install Windows XP on your computer, if it has not been ACTIVATED then go ahead and activate - This will then become your copy as it will send details of your computer to MS to prevent it being installed onto another machine.

If it's allready been activated then it will tell you to give MS a ring, you will need to purchase a new license.

Quicker to go to PCW and pick up a copy of XP ;-)

Registering is optional.

Activating you have no choice.

  Djohn 02:21 03 May 2003

Give M/S a call and they will inform you if it is *activated* to another PC.

You do not need to register Win XP but you do need to Activate it.

It is perfectly legal to install and try out XP, even if it is already installed on another PC. You have a thirty day *Grace* or trial period to use the program, but on day thirty it has to be activated, either over the net. or by phone.

If the XP is OEM, then it must stay with the original PC. (Not the owner, but the PC). If it is a retail version, and has been removed from the first PC, then you may phone M/S and they will activate it for you over the phone.

They will need to be assured that it has come off the first PC, and will probably require conformation of this from the seller. J.

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