Upgrade Windows 98 to Windows 98SE

  Nostic 23:17 08 Dec 2004

Did Microsoft issue a CD to upgrade Windows 98 to Windows 98SE and if so where can you buy a copy?

  Cuddles 23:29 08 Dec 2004

Have a look on ebay auction site

  griffon 56 23:57 08 Dec 2004

Buy a copy of Micromart, out on Thursdays. It might have a cheap copy of Win98SE on offer, or you can post a free ad in the mag for a copy.

  Cuddles 11:43 09 Dec 2004

Have a look at boot fairs, have seen several for sale recently.

  Southernboy 12:25 09 Dec 2004

direct from Microsoft. Cost £14.99 including postage.

Have you tried them?

  jz 21:30 09 Dec 2004

Wasn't the upgrade disk available free from Microsoft if you have a legal copy of the original Windows 98?

  Jeffers22 07:58 10 Dec 2004

I got a free "Service Pack" for Win98 on CD from Microsoft. You can order it from their site. Not sure if it is available as a download or not. Think so, but I ordered CD as I was still on dial up at the time. Win98 section of M$ support. I think this does the same thing as upgrading to SE, worth checking out.

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