upgrade to windows 7 from XP question

  awest3 09:25 05 Nov 2009

I'm sure I read recently that you can use a windows 7 upgrade disk to upgrade from XP to windows 7. I now can't find the article can someone tell me if this is possible and legal..?

  erkmatrix 14:02 05 Nov 2009

Yeah I heard you can too, someone said it said something on the microsoft website about it, so would check out there before you buy. I think you lose your software and settings though and have to re-install them unlike vista where it swaps them over. Someone with a bit more knowledge might come along and tell you more though, thats all I've heard about it.

  Zeppelyn 14:40 05 Nov 2009

If you have Windows XP installed then you can legally upgrase to Windows 7 but it requires a clean install of Windows 7 as you cant upgrade XP itself.

Here's a good guide on how to do it.

click here

  awest3 16:08 05 Nov 2009

Thanks guys..so from this I can assume that I can buy the upgrade software from Tesco at £59ish and use it to clean install onto my XP machine..?
I dont have any issues doing a clean install but will keep my trusty Acronis XP backup by my side at all times..

  Migwell 21:39 05 Nov 2009

Be carefull My Acronis only works with Win XP and NOT with Vista, so the same might be true with Win 7. End result is going to be! Having an Acronis copy of your XP system and not being able to get the backup to work with Win7 so you would be well and truly stuck up a gum tree.

Please forgive me if others know otherwise.


  awest3 21:55 05 Nov 2009

I've got version 11 which seems to work with both XP and Vista. The idea was that I would restore the disk in its entirety so I would be back to XP.
Thanks for the thought, I'll check to see if my version will work on Windows 7..otherwise its another upgrade I suppose...


  David4637 12:40 06 Nov 2009

It would be very useful if you could let us know whether your version (?) of Acronis will work with W7? Thanks David

  awest3 13:10 06 Nov 2009

will do...got version 11, but I've not got windows 7 yet...I need to check if my other software will also work with 7

  Zeppelyn 13:16 06 Nov 2009

The Acronis True Image 11 CD is bootable so you should have no problem restoring your XP image if so needed.

  awest3 13:27 06 Nov 2009

Thanks for this....although I've had Acronis for years..I've never had to do a restore... Maybe its time I tested out the theory.

  David4637 15:14 09 Nov 2009

Its worth doing a restore of an Acronis backup image. Make sure you test that Acronis says the file its good before hand. I have used Acronis in 5-6 times in 7 years. The confidence factor is important, just in case your OS crashes. It would take me 3 days to set up Office etc etc with all the settings involved if my OS crashed, hence Acronis is the most worthwhile bit of S/W. Its best used when the OS is on its own partitioned drive. David

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