Upgrade from Windows 3.1

  ShalafiStudios 13:17 12 Jan 2006

I would like some advice, should I upgrade to a better system or just stick with 3.1? Please advise

  Thalmus 13:28 12 Jan 2006

What system do you have?

  Diemmess 13:36 12 Jan 2006

If your uses for your computer have changed from the days when you first used Windows 3.1.1 then Yes Yes Yes.

But don't even think of upgrading that OS on that old machine. There have been vast changes in almost all the component hardware, and as soon as you try, you will come across one after another incompatible problem.

If you have no desire to change the uses to which you put the old one, then you can continue indefinitely, but in the order of things an internal hardware fault will spell finish.

  Totally-braindead 13:37 12 Jan 2006

If your computer is so old as to run on windows 3.11 its highly unlikely it will run anything else. What speed is it and how much memory does it have?

  jack 14:40 12 Jan 2006

The short answer is No.
Broadly speaking Computers are a complete package designed around the software and hardware then available operating systems and hardware evolve hand in hand, and as you will see on this fourm even a
small jump from 'say ' W98 to 2000 -let alone XP can be on the edge of imprecticable; not imnpossible, but possibly beset with difficulty.
Changing noew from 3.1- 5 giant steps so to pseak is out of the question.
So keep it or change it, but you will not be able to transform it.

  jack 14:42 12 Jan 2006

And then reading your original question again without taking in the folloing comments -
I see you were not talking about altering the existing system.
So - As the others have said - If it does what you want -keep it.
If you fancy a change then buy a complete new outfit.

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