upgrade to win xp odd occurance

  Dayone 13:37 22 Jul 2003

I have just upgraded to win xp from 98. no problem and very pleased with it. My hard drive led light now stays permanently on instead of detecting activity. Any body found similar?

  Aol Hater 14:01 22 Jul 2003

i have had the same sort of thing, it was a number of different things, first was it was doing the system restore and tben i looked in task manager to see what was running and disabled a few things that it didnt need, the light is just your hard disk working in the background

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  keith-236785 19:32 22 Jul 2003

could you please give more info about your computer CPU,Memory, Hard drive etc, it is possible if you have a low spec machine that win xp is using your hard drive constantly to make up for low memory.

minimum spec (according to Microsoft) is 128MB ram (recommended 256MB), if you have less than 128MB then i think you will benefit from a memory upgrade.

you can find the info you need by right clicking My Computer and choose properties. to find out your hard drive size, right click on c.drive in My Computer.

  Dayone 15:54 23 Jul 2003

My pc has a athlon 1600xp cpu 256mb of DDR memory 40gb hard drive. I think more than enough resouces for win xp

  mrdsgs 16:06 23 Jul 2003

i have similar led though a much more complex set up involving scsi.

i dual boot w2000 and xp pro anf the hd activity led is attached tomy scsi card. I do not boot from a scsi drive.

in w2000, led lights during boot up then only comes on when using scsi device etc, but in xp pro it flashes regularly for several hours then stays off unless scsi activity. it must be doind something in the background like scandisk but i do not know what is different from w2ooo.

it cannot be sytem restore checkpoints because i have disabled monitoring on my scsi hds.

i would love to know what is making it flash.


  keith-236785 07:50 24 Jul 2003


sorry, bang goes my theory.

have you checked device manager for any conflicts, did your upgrade go well, would you be prepared to format and do a clean install of XP?.

it might be the upgrade has caused a conflict with the hard drive controller (im guessing here)

see what anyone else suggests.

could you try to download new drivers for yor motherboard and install them, it might just work.

sorry i cant be of more help.

good luck.

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