upgrade where do i start?

  andrew-196854 11:57 18 Aug 2008

looking to upgrade my system, which currently is as follows,p4 3.6 cpu, 2gb 533mhz ddr2 ram, xfx 7800gt graphic card, gigabyte dual graphic 915p motherboard. running on vista 32 bit. what do i upgrade first any thoughts please

  DieSse 12:02 18 Aug 2008

Upgrade to do what?

My system is nowhere near that "modern" and does all I ask of it (no games tho').

Have you got an external backup drive - now that would be really useful.

  andrew-196854 12:17 18 Aug 2008

dieSse thanks for the reply i have got 2 hard drives both 250 gb one of which i do use for backup,as i do play games and want to play crysis,but not on minimum specs i just felt my system would struggle imparticular my cpu as its only a 3.6 p4.

  citadel 19:13 18 Aug 2008

the graphics card is all you need but you could also get faster ram as it is cheap.

  andrew-196854 19:41 18 Aug 2008

citadel thanks for the reply , i was thinking about getting a ati 4850 , but i did not want to get it if the rest of my system could keep up ie cpu only a single core p4 3.6 do you see this as a problem ?

  citadel 22:21 18 Aug 2008

I would get the 4850, cpu should be ok.

  Joe R 22:28 18 Aug 2008


can you let us know what type of budget you have.

  andrew-196854 06:57 19 Aug 2008

joe r about 350 pounds

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