Upgrade Video Card

  Newuser618 18:07 19 Aug 2011

I wish to upgrade my video card for my 7-year-old Desktop PC. The current one is NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600. The operating system is Windows 7 Service Pack 1. The Mainboard is ASUSTeK Computer Inc. 'P4SD-LA' with 2GB memory. Can anyone recommend a suitable card considering the age of the PC. I play some games but I mainly use Photoshop CS3 for correcting/changing pictures. Many Thanks.

  Newuser618 20:03 19 Aug 2011

Thank you rdave13 - I am still bewildered by the choice. Have not been able to find the power of my PSU.

  Newuser618 09:39 20 Aug 2011

Thanks once again rdave13 I can now tell the difference between the cards' connections. The PSU is 500 watt - hopefully I won't have to replace it. I have 1 AGP expansion slot (half used shared PME), 3 PCI expansion slots (1 half used, 2 half available all shared PME). 32 bit, Power is 3.3v. From this I gather I have a choice of cards.

  Newuser618 12:41 20 Aug 2011

Thank you both for your recommendations. The AGP found by gengiscant is far more than I could justify paying and I agree silly money. I will let you know what I finally end up with. Many thanks for your help and advice.

  Newuser618 17:41 21 Aug 2011

The 4670 card you recommend seems to take two slots. Also I cannot find anywhere that says it will be OK with Windows 7. Does this mean that AGP cards do not work well with Windows 7. Would I be better off using a PCI slot.

  Terry Brown 10:39 22 Aug 2011

You may be better off getting a new motherboard bundle, as the difference betwen the cost of a new (?) AGP card and the probable increase in memory you may need to run windows 7 and the cost of a new motherboard (heart of machine)is not a great deal.

If you go this route, check that the motherboard has IDE and SATA slots as well as as Molex (White power plugs for your harddrives/ DVD) and Sata connections and (if you still use it) a floppy disk onnection on the motherboard.

You may also need to get some molex to sata adapters link text

You would of course have to re-build software from scratch, so make copies (NOT backup) of your working files


  Newuser618 16:09 22 Aug 2011

Thank you all for all your help and advice but it seems as though I have to think this upgrade through thoroughly.

  Newuser618 11:23 31 Aug 2011

Can I please thank everyone that offered help and advice on the upgrade of my video card. After a lot of searching for a AGP card I found this one on Amazon (GEFORCE 6200). I don't expect a lot from it but it runs well and it is for Windows 7.

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