upgrade to USB 2.0

  bloo meeny 22:25 24 Sep 2005

Computer: Pentium III , 550 MHz , W98SE
Graphics : ATI Radeon 9500 AGP x4
Memory: 512k

Started using webcam (Logitech Quickcam Express) on MSN Messenger 7.0 and it works well on it's own (during testing etc.) but there is considerable lag and slowing when viewing another cam and with audio enabled etc. Also the text box freezes up momentarily making typing messages difficult. I have updated to the latest drivers for the webcam.

Can't afford a new computer, but was just wondering about what difference it would make to fit a PCI board giving me USB 2.0

Has anyone experience of this kind of upgrade, or views on this at all ? Thanks.

  woodchip 23:29 24 Sep 2005

USB2 will not work on Windows 98se. Only if you get a card with specific drivers that say's it will work as USB2 on Win98se. You are wasting your time with this thread

  Strawballs 23:30 24 Sep 2005

I don't know what difference it will make but the upgrade is simple you just buy a USB 2 PCI card and install it and the drivers it comes with.

  Strawballs 23:31 24 Sep 2005

Sorry overlooked the 98SE part my appoligies

  bloo meeny 01:07 25 Sep 2005

Thanks for your views guys but if that is the case, I don't understand why most of the pci card manufacturers include drivers for Win98SE (and Win ME + 2000)

click here is just one example .... ALL of the cards tested here have "drivers for Win98SE, Me and 2000 included"

I think for £20 or less, it must be worth a go anyway.

  Skills 01:14 25 Sep 2005

As you say in that case may be worth a try, another thing to consider is what connection speed are you using?

AS you say it works fine in test without a connection so prehaps the slow down is caused by your net connection speed rather than the devices?

  bloo meeny 01:25 25 Sep 2005

I'm on broadband 512k.

Yes, I'm aware that performance may depend upon other factors too - I just want to eliminate any possible restriction caused by my machine.

I have downloaded the manual for the Belkin card and it is compatible so may just go for that.
After all, there is such a difference in potential data transfer speeds between 1.1 and 2.0 that it may bring benefits when using other usb devices.

  Skills 01:56 25 Sep 2005

I agree that there is a big speed difference between usb 1.1 and 2 but what speed does your webcam actually work at? If it is a USB 2 device then yes working at only 1.1 speed will slow it down but if not then it won't work any faster just because you plug it into a USB 2 port.

  Simsy 06:16 25 Sep 2005

as USB2 pci card with the win98se drivers, it will work at USB2 speed.

There is no doubt about that... I have done it myself and the improvement it downloading from my flashdrive is amazing.

However,as you note, there are other factors. Video is demanding. Your processor speed may be the weak spot after upgrading to USB2, but for a fewq quid I'd say it was worth it.

I got my recently via a seller on eBay, for about £7 including postage, direct from China. 4 port USB card. works lovely.

It arrived within a week.

Here is another from the same seller;

click here

Good Luck,



  bloo meeny 08:23 25 Sep 2005


It's not clear whether it is actually a USB 2.0 device.
The manual gives no clear indication, the box says "USB 2.0 Compatible" and the website says "Works with both USB 2.0 and 1.1" but I understand the point you make, so thanks.


Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, the auction had ended but thanks anyway :-)

What I can add is that I'm within the Minimum Recommended Specification (just !!) which is P3 500MHz

Webcam aside, I hopefully won't have to wait ages like I do now, while I transfer my digital photos from high-capacity media cards.

  octal 08:45 25 Sep 2005

You haven't mentioned if you connect to the Internet via USB, if you do it might be worth investing a few pounds in a network card which will free up the USB ports.

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