upgrade to usb 2

  mimo 10:35 16 Nov 2003

hello all......can anybody recommend a usb2 upgarde with driver for use with win xp.the reason i ask for the driver is due to the issues caused when i have installed the xp sp1,never again.i have two ieee ports ,but most new hardware is either usb/1/2.i dont buy over the net,so if any body has bought products from pc world.....i know,or dixons etc etc i would like to hear your opinions.thanks .best regards mimo

  DieSse 10:46 16 Nov 2003

Any plug-in card will do - but they don't supply drivers for WinXP - because WinXP has drivers - but you must use SP1.

I really think you must address your SP1 issues, as there are many vital updates in it - and it needs to be used as a base for further updates, including many security issue updates.

I've never had a problem with SP1, on many systems. though for new systems now SP1a is alraedy in the CD supplied.

  mimo 15:43 20 Nov 2003

hi dieSse...thanks for your comments.i have spoken to other people about the sp1 issue,they have experienced the same problems.you would of thought that microsoft would have made it possible to select what updates you wanted.they must be aware of the issues caused by certain updates.i think the only option is to buy anew pc nest year with usb2.cheers
best regards mimo

  DieSse 10:17 21 Nov 2003

Can you please say what problems you are having with SP1 - as millions of people aren't having problems.

If you can tell us what they are, someone may be able to help you.

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