Upgrade to SP2

  chocolate cake 19:21 15 Jan 2007

My brother - bless him - has reluctantly it seems, asked me to help him with his slowing and sickly computer that is still running XP SP1.

The last time that I tried to touch his PC was a while ago when I persuaded him that he really did need AV, antispyware and firewall since his trial version of NIS2005 predictably expired 3 months after receiving the PC three years ago.

Anyway, rather reluctantly I've agreed to help my brother and am now wondering what I'm letting myself in for.

Can anyone who installed the free upgrade to SP2 let me know please what if any precautions, other than a backup of all his personal files I should be taking before I install from the MS site. Since I don't want to banned from his PC again.

  De Marcus™ 19:35 15 Jan 2007

If he hasn't got AV, spyware scanners, etc then you should download, update and run these first. Get rid of all instances of viruses and adware (known to interfere with sp2 installation) then start with the crap using crap cleaner from click here

Only when your sure you have a clean pc should you begin to start the sp2 install.

  Jackcoms 19:36 15 Jan 2007

Some basic PC housekeeping:

Clean out all the crap with click here

Defrag the HDD

Run Check Disk

Full AV scan (assuming he has AV). If not, use click here

Full anti-malware scan (assuming he has anti-malware). If not use click here and click here

  chocolate cake 20:17 15 Jan 2007

Thanks for that. can I assume that downloading SP2 is relatively straightforward afterwards, will I need to know details of his system when downloading or, will windows recognise his PC as genuine windows?

  Jackcoms 20:30 15 Jan 2007

Yes, just download it.

No system details needed, Windows/MS Update will recognise it.

I hope you have a fast BB connection, otherwise you may be downloading for several hours (it can be a pretty big download)! ;-((

  FreeCell 20:33 15 Jan 2007

Windows will do an automatic verification check to make sure that the copy of windows is valid through an ActiveX routine. Needed for all future MS updates.

If you have done all recommended actions should run without any problem, then there are the updates since SP2!

  johnem 20:37 15 Jan 2007

About 120meg or so. Just follow the previous advice and take it steady. Once the system is back up and running, you will then need to let MS updates add all of the additional critical patches. Once you have SP2 installed you will be able to activate the auto update feature.

  chocolate cake 21:01 15 Jan 2007

Well that's the weekend sorted then. Thanks everyone. I'll let you know how I get on.

Wish me luck. He nearly threw me out the house when I installed Spybot for him. He's not even bothered updating that - muppet!.

  chocolate cake 22:52 18 Jan 2007

Back to the drawing board.

I installed AVG Antispy, AVG AV, Kerio Firewall and backed up all his files. Ran the upgrade from windows security centre and it failed to install.

The only thing that I didn't want to do was run CCleaner as I am not sure of it's use and didn't want to erase something that he would miss.

After 5 hours the upgrade came back with a failure to install. Any idea what I did wrong?

  Stuartli 00:56 19 Jan 2007

Try AutoPatcher, which will update SP2 from the time it was first released:

click here or click here

or, alternatively, click here

  chocolate cake 19:56 19 Jan 2007

Burning the midnight oil I see!

What I am trying to achieve is to update my brother's 'soon to be limping to the scrapyard' PC running XP-SP1 to upgrade using the MS update function to XP-SP2. Will Autopatcher help me to do this?

From a brief read of what autopatcher does it would seem to only patch up a system already running SP2 or am I reading it wrongly?

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