upgrade Shuttle. But 200W PSU, AGP only.

  rockali 12:03 11 Jul 2007

Hi everyone,

This is my first post - and as you'll see I'm completely new to computing.

Basically I have a Pentium D, 3 GHz, 512 MB RAM and I want to be able to run games like Command and Conquer 3.

However there are some issues:

1) I have an AGP slot (that supports 4x and 8x AGP cards) (and there's also a PCI slot)

2) The power supply is only 200W.

3) The PC is a Shuttle-X PC, so it's all very compact. I thought that this would mean that I wouldn't be able to simply buy a standard replacement 400W PSU.

so, does anyone have any ideas on what I should do? Do I simply use an AGP card which only requires 200W (and would this actually cater for standard games)? Do I change the PSU, in which case I have no idea on how to go about doing this given the PC type.

I'm confused and in need of your help!

Thanks in advance


  robbiepaul79 12:12 11 Jul 2007

I posted a reply to this in the identical post in the Absolute beginners section

  rockali 12:28 11 Jul 2007

thanks Robbie. I thought that by posting this message in 2 different sections, I would be more likely to get a wider response.

  wee eddie 14:55 11 Jul 2007

My last PC had a MiniQ Case, when the powersupply blew I found that it was non standard and not in stock anywhere that I could find.

  rockali 15:08 11 Jul 2007

Thanks Eddie.

I see the MiniQ Case is virtually identical to the Solar Shuttle X-PC case. I've contacted teh company and I'm just waiting to hear from them now.

so what happened in your case in the end. Did you manage to get the specific PSU from the supplier (and if so, how expensive was it) - or did you just have to buy a new PC?


  wee eddie 17:09 11 Jul 2007

It was already over 2 years old so I salvaged what I could, bought a cheap case and, with the help of a friend, put a new one together.

Shuttle is a bigger brand and there should be replacement PSU's available but they may not be the standardised models. Non standard models usually means limited availability and higher price as I found out. Much to my chagrin.

  alan2273 18:22 11 Jul 2007

You can get Shuttle PSU's of e-bay, but be careful that you know your model number as they will only fit certain ones.
You can also Google for Shuttle PSU's and several of the hits sell them, but they are between £50 - £70.

  rockali 21:49 11 Jul 2007

Thanks for the lead Alan.

Ahh - £50-£70!
And then £70 for the graphics card,
And then £20-£40 for 1GB RAM.

£170 just to play a game! I'll have to think long and hard about this. :)

  rockali 22:52 11 Jul 2007

Hi ALan,

I've been looking for a PSU and found the PC50 (300W).

According to the link,

click here

there appears to be a contradiction in the compatibility specifications. in the table my model is not supported (SS59G V2), and yet on the right of the screen my model is displayed as being supported (bottom right).

Am I missing something here?

  rockali 23:40 11 Jul 2007

Hi Alan,

I've found a great table that has made everythign clear -

click here

So, my PC will support the PC40/50 (250W/300W)

For an extra £10-15 I can get the 300W one. Which would you recommend.

  umbongo(uk) 00:16 12 Jul 2007

it,d be cheaper gettting a new case
i had a bit of a gander n found this its small form factor as seeing you have a shuttle i bore this in mind, as i take it you want a descreate pc
read the review,s , most seem pleased
it also take,s standard size gfx cards like the shuttle does

click here

just an idea !!

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