Upgrade on a shoestring

  mimram 07:51 28 Mar 2003

My student son is about to upgrade his elderly P2400 machine. To preserve his "beer fund" he wants to do this as cost effectively as possible.

He has already purchased a new 40GB Maxtor Fireball 3 HDD and will keep monitor/mouse keyboard,graphics card (ATI Xpert 98)and modem from current machine.

He has selelected:
Intel Celeron Netburst 1.7GHz (Skt 378) - £46.17
Solteck SL85DRV4-C - £49.54
2 x 256 MB DDR PC2100 - £57.56

(He will be freshly loading Win XP)

Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated.

  vaughan007 08:21 28 Mar 2003

I assume the mother board is up to this expansion?

  Paranoid Android 00:31 29 Mar 2003

I assume you have got the heatsink and fan covered, as these will need to be changed ? Otherwise, should be fine.

He should probably keep his old HDD (if serviceable) on primary slave as a backup device for documents.


  Gongoozler 07:40 29 Mar 2003

I think the P2-400 has a 250 Watt power supply. This will probably be ok, but if he gets stability problems, he may have to buy a 300 or 350 Watt supply.

  mole44 08:08 29 Mar 2003

if you look at the cost of upgrading you may find it more cost effective to go out and just buy a base unit.

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