BRADS11 17:37 01 Sep 2006

I have an emachine 270- 1.70 ghz celeron processer, 128 mb ram, 40gb hard drive. We have started having problems such as programmes extremely slow to start up, explorer closing down and our internet is very slow (we are with bt broadband). Often we have restart PC 3 or 4 times before explorer will connect to internet. We have defragmented hard drive, deleted cookies, got rid of spy ware etc but no vast improvement. We are thinking about upgrading our ram to 1gb. Will this help? We dont want to waste our money!

  anskyber 18:02 01 Sep 2006

Theses people will guide with the upgrade click here but there could be a number of things slowing things up. the answer is a qualified yes.

  DieSse 18:08 01 Sep 2006

128MB RAM is very very low if you're using WinXP.

An upgrade to 512MB would transform your system - 1GB in not really necessary. I upgrade from 512MB to 1GB a month or two ago - and if I'm honest, I can hardly tell any difference.

Also, with small amounts of RAM and slower processors, the AV program you are using makes a huge difference. The most efficient AV by far is NOD32 click here . Some are real system hogs - with Norton Internet Security and 128MB RAM I would marvel if your system could do anything much at all, for instance!

  sean-278262 21:28 01 Sep 2006

"An upgrade to 512MB would transform your system - 1GB in not really necessary. I upgrade from 512MB to 1GB a month or two ago - and if I'm honest, I can hardly tell any difference."

It really depends what you do with it as to if it does any good. If like me you multitask and use things like the internet messengers and something heaving on resources like Macromedia then you will see it but for generally tasks like email word and internet it would be pointless.

I would go with a ram upgrade and then move on to getting a processor if you feel you need it later. I would get a single 512mb stick and if you need to get another if you feel you need to later.

Before you do it may be advised to try this guide out on PC stats and see if you see any improvement. You do not require to do them all if you are not happy to try it skip it but do read it before you do. You cant go wrong if you follow it.

click here

  rdave13 02:01 02 Sep 2006

How old is your pc? Maybe worth looking at a new base unit. Sometimes called a tower. Just the PC with no monitor, speakers, keyboard etc.

Relatively cheap now if you google.

  Diemmess 17:50 03 Sep 2006

In my view the post by DieSse says everything.
Money spent to increase RAM would be well spent,
AV software, particularly some of the paid-for programs, can hog resources and slow things down very badly. Perhaps not obvious when a machine has top whack everything, but several free programs are just as efficient and run discretely behind the scenes with little load on resources.

  jack 19:56 03 Sep 2006

E-Machines like many other mass brands tend to built to a set spec. A Ram upgrade will be as far as you can take it.
Doing more then this is almost certainly not possible or if possible ,not cost effective.

  BRADS11 21:35 05 Sep 2006

Thanks everyone. I upgraded to 1 GB today and am seeing a vast improvement in everything. Cheers for all the good advice.

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