Upgrade RAM to more than 4GB on Windows 7 64bit?

  lonemascot 19:11 02 Jan 2015

I have an old-ish PC that I wanted to use for standard office based programs - excel, word etc. and want to give it a bit of a performance injection as its starting to run a tad slow.

It was originally bought with a 32bit Vista OS and had 3GB of RAM installed (2Gb + 1GB DDR PC2 5300 modules) and it seems the main board has a max of 4GB allowable - VIA PT890 8237A. click here

I've since upgraded it to Windows 7 64bit and was under the impression I'm now able to stick more RAM in.

So my question is this. Can I plonk in 2x3GB or 2x4GB modules or am I still limited to a max of 2x2GB?

  rdave13 19:16 02 Jan 2015

You can only run to the maximum the mobo allows. The Crucial scanner will show you the most efficient ram set-up you can have. See here.

  Ian in Northampton 20:16 02 Jan 2015

In all honesty, I doubt you'd see much of a performance boost with Office programs by adding memory beyond 4GB. None of them is particularly memory-hungry. Larger memory only really benefits memory-intensive applications such as gaming, video editing and so on.

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