upgrade RAM

  pejay9 09:03 27 Feb 2010

I run windows XP with 1GB of RAM (2x 512 cards. I wish to upgrade to at least 2GB and have the following queries.

Can I fit cards at different capacities, i.e. just upgrade one.

Can I remove both and fit one at a large capacity.

How do I know what cards are compatable with a PC and existing cards. I have a Novatec PC.

What make cards are reliable.

  oldbeefer3 09:10 27 Feb 2010

Best to run the Crucial scanner click here - that will tell you what can be fitted.

  mrwoowoo 11:14 27 Feb 2010

If you supply the make and model of the motherboard it will be easier to answer what is compatable. But as oldbeefer3 says, Crucial should tell you which type you can use.
Does your board have 2 or 4 ram slots?
If 4 slots, you could add another 2 512mb sticks to give 2GB, or even 2 x 1GB to give 3 GB..
If you only have 2 slots, then they both need to be used. I.E either 2 x 1GB or 2 x 2GB.

  pejay9 14:28 27 Feb 2010

before trying a Crucial scan I decided to do create a restore point and then restore to a previous point to check my capabilities, but I get the message "cannott restore to ......."
"no changes made......) so reluctant to progress untill this problem resolved. Help please

  Sea Urchin 14:36 27 Feb 2010

"and then restore to a previous point to check my capabilities"

Don't quite know what you mean by that? What capabilities? You should have no reason to restore your PC to an earlier time unless you are having problems. Just run the Crucial scan to give you the information you need

click here

If you are having problems with System Restore then try running it in safe mode, but that's a separate problem from you RAM.

  onthelimit 15:30 27 Feb 2010

The Crucial scan is quite safe and will tell you 'what the capabilities are', if by that you mean what is fitted and what can be fitted.

  MarvintheAndroid 15:53 27 Feb 2010

Normally you can add sticks of diffient capacities without any problems, up to the maximum specified by the manufacturer. The exception is if you have a dual channel memory controller it will only accept certain configurations - check your manual.

Novatech are very good, I suggest you start by speaking to them about your upgrade requirements.


  pejay9 16:08 27 Feb 2010

thanks to all, done restore ok and also crucial scan, the scan could not give full details but asked for details to be sent by email which i have done now waiting their reply. also making contact with novatech, so all should be ok thanks again

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