Upgrade Question

  DW9047 20:51 13 Jul 2003

What is the maximum upgrade I can do for this PC.
It is a PC purchased from Time about 3-4 years ago - 366M02GB2 AMD 500/VIA/13/64, it has a 12Gb HD. That is all I know about it, sorry.

I would like to look at Processor, HD and RAM.


  LastChip 21:03 13 Jul 2003

But if its a Time machine, probably very little, and almost certainly, for the minimal performance gain you will get, it will not be cost effective.

The reasons for this are;

Time use proprietary parts in many cases, which means that they work as configured, but do not allow an up-grade path.

It is likely you will also find a minimum specification Power Supply, which itself will limit any possible options.

Your best bet, is to keep your monitor, keyboard , mouse etc, and build a new "case only" machine. So you get a new case and power supply, motherboard, processor, and memory, but use your existing CD/RW, floppy and so on, to complete the new machine.

Overall, you will end up with a far superior machine, at minimal cost.

  DW9047 21:10 13 Jul 2003

Thanks for the response.
As this is my friends PC, I would have liked to at least give them an option. I am with you all the way, Keep the good bits and ditch the crap.
How do I find out the motherboard make and model?
From this I can look up myself the upgrade possibilities...


  VoG II 21:30 13 Jul 2003

Download this little utility - it will list the mobo etc. click here

  clayton 21:32 13 Jul 2003

you could try AIDA32 - system information tool from here click here

  DW9047 22:16 13 Jul 2003

VoG & clayton, thanks for those downloads, very useful little tools, I like them.
Unfortunately and very sorry to mention this now, but the Time PC in question has a kaputt Hard drive so I cannot get the downloads on to run on the PC.
This is why looking at upgrade option as I will have to get a new HD for the PC anyway.
Is there another way to get the mobo details.


  Quiller. 22:52 13 Jul 2003

LastChip is spot on, in my view.

It looks as if your friends board has an amd 500 super seven chip. The highest it will go is 550Mhz.

The hard drive is 12 gig so the max will probably be 32gig.

It will probably have 100mhz sdram, this is still usable.

A cheap option would be to get a atx case, if you need one, a socket "A" board and a 1gig duron chip. About £100. Fit a 30,40,60 or 80gig hard drive and it will be a reasonable system.
click here

click here

click here
click here

All of this comes to just over £100

  DW9047 10:54 14 Jul 2003

Thanks all,

I won't waste any more time on this.


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