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  [DELETED] 13:50 29 Sep 2003

To cut a long story short i am currently (and struggling)in the process of studying for Microsoft 70-210 exam,followed by another 3.
This,as you will know ,involves the use of Windows 2000 Professional.I acquired some evaluation software - Windows 2000 advanced server - to use with the exercises.Basically this was so i a can get used to using the NTFS file system and Active Directory etc.Unfortunately i made an error when loading this software as i never created a separate partition.As this operating system is now running along side my current operating system,which is Windows Me,i am having to use Fat32,so obviously i am not able to use any of the NTFS features.
I have acquired a copy of Windows Xp professional and i have tried to instal this on a new partition.This was after i tried to upgrade my present Windows Me installation and was informed, via a screen message, that it could not be upgraded due to this other operating system on the same partition,namely the evaluation copy of Windows 2000 server.
I have arrived as far as the blue screen which gives you the chance to either accept installation on the same partition or create a new partition by pressing 'c'.When i press 'c'nothing happens,why is this.
If it would be better to just upgrade my present Windows Me system to Xp,how do i go about getting rid of Windows 2000 server from my system?

  recap 16:02 29 Sep 2003

I would Fdisk to clear all OS's and start again. This way you can then partition your drive to accommodate both OS's. Make three partitions one for W.Me/XP one for W2K Server and one to run alongside W2K server. The server partion should be around 7Gb. If you go this route select NTFS when configuring your system/s.

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