Is this upgrade possible?

  cadley 20:03 13 Nov 2004

I would like to buy this "barebones system" click here and put in my existing hard drive, dvd, cd, rw, etc. will this work straight from switch on as I don't want to start all over again there is just too much stuff on there, I know it won't be up to full speed as it will have the older slower hard drive to cope with (maxtor 40 GB, I think)
Or will I have wipe the disc and start all over again?
OS is XP pro

  PSF 20:14 13 Nov 2004

You should be able to swap over if you remove the old motherboard drivers first, have a look at this site click here The other way is to do a system repair after you have installed everything.

  cadley 20:45 13 Nov 2004

I think I can just about follow that.. and at least I know it's possible.... my 5 year old Evesham 800 AMD is just starting to struggle with the size of file I am putting through it, be shame to see it go really not one bit of trouble in all this time..........touch wood

  smokingbeagle 21:03 13 Nov 2004

You'll have to reactivate XP. It might be wise to speak to MS first as the changes to your system is so substantial.

I went from a K7S5A to K7VT4-4X and it didnt work.....

I would re-install anyway.. back up any propgrams and start a-fresh!

  keith-236785 21:26 13 Nov 2004

your new motherboard/proc/memory will be too much of a challenge for XP to accept, at best you might be able to re-activate via microsoft but in my experience, the only option has ben to format and re-install xp.

as a safety measure, you need to get the data off the hard drive one way or another.

using something like norton ghost or Acronis True image, take a full system backup, place the hard drive in the new system and if required you can recover the lost data, though i think you are looking at reinstalling windows xp from scratch.

good luck.

  cadley 22:15 13 Nov 2004

Looks like swapping the drive over is very possible but .....reading through what has been said XP won't let me do it, So I may as well buy a new drive at the same time and start again and keep my old drive safe while I'm doing it so i can transfer all my stuff over later on.
Well it was worth a try but Im glad I asked first!

  Alan2 22:40 13 Nov 2004

I had in mind to do something very similar to you ie start "nearly" from scratch - new mobo graphics and sound cards etc but utilising my existing HDDs to avoid reinstalling.

But I've just read on page 148 of the current issue of PCA the reasons given above :-

". . . replacing a motherboard involves more than just a change of CPU. There will also be a different chipset, requiring different drivers and many other hardware changes that would invalidate most of the hardware information stored in the Registry."

There is no problem installing applications on a new, or newly reformatted, HDD it's picking up all the small upgrades that have been installed since the original installation that's going to awkward.

  cadley 22:50 13 Nov 2004

Ah well... looks like about three weeks work like when I swapped to the evesham....never mind.. good job I have a bit of patience ....and I think there may some Vodka somewhere for when it doesn't go well :)

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