Upgrade PC with a DVD Burner??

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 18:52 09 May 2004

Hi I have a AMD 2000XP PC and just wanted to know:

If I buy a DVD Rewriter do I need to buy anything else???

New Faster Hard Drive??

Graphics Card?


  stalion 18:53 09 May 2004

depends on your spec can you give more details of your hd

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 19:03 09 May 2004

Its only 20GB not sure of speed? Would it work or is it better to get a higher capacity and speed.

I currently don't have a graphics card but do have a video card.

  stalion 19:08 09 May 2004

if you are going to make movies you will need a bigger hard drive they eat up space.So it depends on what you are going to burn to dvd.Regards

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 19:19 09 May 2004


What I wanna do is edit dvds that I've recorded on my Standalone DVD Recorder. i.e cut stuff out add menus etc.

Is that all I'll need then a bigger capacity??

  stalion 19:23 09 May 2004

you also need to consider your memory what do you have at the moment Regards

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 19:26 09 May 2004

Not sure probably only 128 or 256???

What do you recommend?

  stalion 19:31 09 May 2004

you will need a bigger hd also best to upgrade your memory to 512 and install a good graphics card.installing the dvd burner is ok it is what you are going to do on the computer that needs the extra resources.Regards

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 19:43 09 May 2004

Thanks stalion.

  €dstowe 19:57 09 May 2004

It's best to have a hard drive especially for your video/DVD work. 40 GB is an absolute minimum for all the extra space and files needed for processing. You can, of course, clear it all out before you do another project.

As hard drives are so cheap at present, get one as large as you can afford, say 80 or 120GB and your processing is then less likely to suffer from video "constipation".

If you're adding menus and chapters and such like, you will need software. We're just starting small scale pro video work and have bought Pinnacle Studio 9 as a tryout before going on to more highly specc'd programs. It's very good and quite comprehensive, so much so that we're delaying buying the expensive stuff.


  stalion 20:11 09 May 2004

think about what this is going to cost you overall best for someone on here who has upgraded and installed all this to give you further advice Regards

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