upgrade pc

  swanny2 22:53 21 Dec 2004

ihave a win/me 750mhz 64mb ram 30gb hd..
i want too upgrade too say 256 is it cost effective.and will it speed some stuff i go on like games etc....
ty :O)¬~~~~

  VoG II 22:57 21 Dec 2004

It will be effective. The cost/benefit analysis is up to you (I used to specialise in this but not for puters - send me £s and I'm your expert).

Find your details click here and post them at click here and off you go!

  no way 23:01 21 Dec 2004

256mb ram is the minimum rec for a lot of the better games nowadays. So it should be cost effective. Other upgrades you will want to think about are graphics cards, cpus and hard-drives. If you want more speed then cpu and ram is the way to go. But this may mean a new motherboard as well. Check your motherboard manual for what cpu and ram types are compatible and what limits are set.
The graphics card may well be built into the motherboard as well, so if you are thinking along that route, a new motherboard is also a good option.
Your hard-drive is quite small at 30gb. I wouldnt recommend anything smaller than 80gb for games.
These upgrades are definately cost effective, but the actual cost can be quite considerable (my last upgrade of this type cost me in the region of £180)

  swanny2 23:06 21 Dec 2004

cheers mate i dont mind paying that wen i sell somehing .. he .he .
but is it difficult too do or do i need a maestro like ure self. ye an u vog lol .:O)¬~~

  no way 23:13 21 Dec 2004

With practice it can be extremely easy. It looks very intimidating when you first come to building a pc (which if you go for all the upgrades Ive suggested, you are effectively building a pc). If you have any freinds or relatives who have any experience with building computers, you may very well owe them a couple of drinks ( I'm likely to be in a couple hundred quids worth of debt :p )
Anyway back on topic, everything is really designed so you can only plug it in one way and in one place. If you get a new motherboard, its maual should cover all the connections you will use. Following that it should be fairly straight forward. Just remember to earth yourself before you go poking around in there ;D

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