upgrade of o/s system

  abertawe25 21:39 24 Apr 2012

i am trying to find out if my old computer is compatable to upgrade to windows7/8 any suggestions/

  robin_x 22:20 24 Apr 2012

See Windows Upgrade Advisor.

Please post your Make/Model. (and Processor + RAM if you know)

  abertawe25 09:53 25 Apr 2012

microland tech cb153.01 pc. AMD athlonXP3000+,1.5GB 3200 DDR 400DIMM.Gigabite GA 7vt600-l,AK-785cu socket A cooler,Maxator IDE 120 UDMA 133 7200,Hercules 128MB 9800se all in wonder.jetway 56K Rockwell PCI

  robin_x 10:26 25 Apr 2012

See what the Advisor says and...

I upgraded my Compaq PC with Athlon64 3200+ and 512MB quickly and easily with the W7 Retail Upgrade DVD (64 bit one used).

I knew there were no drivers for my modem and printer/scanner.

AOL sent me a new wireless router. I had to buy another printer/scanner.

I didn't have a copy of Motherboard drivers (not sure if I needed them).

Everything worked after install except the internal CD/DVD. Maybe coincidence or it can be caused by MB drivers (I have tried all the other CD/DVD Fixes knocking around).

I never fixed it since I had an external CD/DVD-RW anyway.

My 512MB was not really enough, PC quite slow, so I put an extra 2GB in. Big improvement. I dunno how you will get on with 1.5GB.

My PC is 8 yrs old and still perfectly acceptable for undemanding use. I use my newer laptop mainly though, for convenience.

There has been some robust discussion of W8. But it is free until January 2013. Consumer Preview now, Release Preview soon.

Metro Interface is easily switched to W7 style Desktop. But there is no Start Button. Means you have to Google to find familiar things (or ask on Forums)

  robin_x 10:33 25 Apr 2012

Note: Installing W8 over XP is not easily reversible.

You have to re-install from Recovery Discs if you want to go back. Or Factory Restore from Recovery Partition.

Backup your important stuff first.

  sharpamat 11:56 25 Apr 2012

The on line advisor will be best for win 7 upgrade. Win 8 is a differant matter. Whilst the current beta is not a full upgrade it can only include files and settings. and is not reversable.

The recent information is that installing Win 8 as an upgrade, will only possable from a system running Win 7 . not earlier versions.

Whilst the Metro interface can be switched to a desktop This will not include the classic start menu, hence the normal features used with the start menu are not available, and its unlikley they will be included

  sharpamat 12:06 25 Apr 2012

Further to robinofloxley post I have today upgraded a HP palivion. from Vista to Win 7 ultimate

I had no problems installing Printers and scanners first used on XP, or with the pair on internal CD/DVDs.or my Modem.

I dont think 1.5 will be enought for Win 7 ( if 64bit 4 would be better ) as yet its only known that Win 8 may need less memory than 7

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