upgrade or replace?

  braiman 10:44 28 Jun 2005

I have a 4/5 year old pc with athlon 1000ghz, 40gb hdd, 128 ram, and ME os. lately I have had a few problems running low on memory, system freezing, plus sundry other minor glitches. I have tried all the usual things shut down as many programs as possible I have even reinstalled the operating system including formating the hard drive. So do I spend £100+ on more memory or go the whole hog and spend £800+ plus on a new pc? I am a moderate user as I am retired. any sugestions would be welcome rgd Braiman

  961 10:52 28 Jun 2005

I don't think the choice is that extreme.

From the specification (and the operating system) on your existing computer, the answer has to be that you could spend more on upgrading than a new computer complete with operating system and new everything would cost. If you did go the upgrade route you would still have a load of hardware that was 4 years old and subject to further failure

If you browse the Dell site you will see offers for complete computers from £300 upwards. They won't run the latest Doom 3 games but I don't guess that you need that. Just reasonably up to date, new with a warranty and operating system and able to cope with what the average guy needs a computer for.

Alternatively take a hike to PCWorld and look at the sale offers there. For what you say you want nothing over £500 complete is necessary

  scotty 10:57 28 Jun 2005

I run a similar spec pc but I added more memory a couple of years ago. You should be able to buy memory for a lot less than £100 (have a look at the Crucial web site). I intend to stick with the machine for a bit longer.

From your description of your computer usage, I am guessing that you do not play the latest games which need a high powered pc. In which case you should be able to source a suitable new one for ~£300 complete with 15" flat screen.

So although you have to make the decision yourself, I think the cost for either route will be less than expected.

  TomJerry 11:01 28 Jun 2005

I second 961. A PC costs £500 (with LCD monitor) is more than enough for your need. As dolloar is very cheap now, so everything is very cheap.

If you want to see it before you buy, you can go to PCWorld to get one, the price is not too bad now.

PC Advisor (current issue) Superbudget list is a great place to start. You can get a "powerful" PC with 17" good LCD monitor for £499

  braiman 11:12 28 Jun 2005

Many thanks to 961, Scotty and Tom and Jerry and everyone for your help, I shall now sally forth and purchase a new budget PC. It is reassureing to have such prompt and good advise rgds Braiman

  Pooke 11:17 28 Jun 2005

click here

Take a look at this dell, I modified it 1 year collect and return and the 17inch tft.

£500 will get you a really sweet system that'll do more than you would ever want! I'd go with Dell if I were you, biggest pc maker in the world and a top reputation as well. They have even cheaper systems on their site......

  scotty 11:23 28 Jun 2005

Have a look at this site click here

They have links to the best current Dell deals. The 3000 and 5000 ranges will probably suit your needs but post back if you want more advice.

  Graham ® 11:28 28 Jun 2005

Acer, made in England. Use your existing monitor:

click here

  Graham ® 11:29 28 Jun 2005

PS. Read the reviews.

  Catastrophe 11:36 28 Jun 2005

I got the following off eBay:

Processor a Main Circuit Board
b 2.07 gigahertz AMD Athlon XP
128 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache
Board: SiS-741
Bus Clock: 166 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 08/31/2004
82.32 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity

No monitor / mouse / keyboard but you have those already.


  Catastrophe 11:37 28 Jun 2005

That was NEW of course and with xp pro.

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