upgrade or replace ?

  checkout 05:51 13 Apr 2005

my daughter has been given an HP Pentium 2, 355, 192mb. Is it possible to upgrade this or better to replace?.( keeping cost low) She wants to surf net, download music etc. usual teenage stuff.

  trevpearson 06:23 13 Apr 2005

What you've got will do music and surfing, provided you have a sound card, speakers for music and a modem for the Net.


  the kopite 07:55 13 Apr 2005

What size is the hard drive you might need a larger one and if the bios will not reconise it you will have to upgrade the bios I have just done one for a friend and the bios would not reconise a 8gb drive but after shooting it no problem hope this helps kopite

  ternard 10:04 13 Apr 2005

'shooting the bios'

Not sure what this means, can you explain please

  PsiFox 10:30 13 Apr 2005

Otherwise known as "flashing the Bios" where the data on the bios chip on the motherboard is updated

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