upgrade or not?

  Hammersmith 20:12 30 Jan 2006

I'm running a Athlon 2000, 512mb ram, 50g disk and a 64mbATI AIW card, W98SE system which is 4 years old and use it mainly for photo manipulation, word processing, DVD authoring and burning.
My young son also uses it for games but both he and I notice its slowing down and he cannot play the most up to date games anymore.It's also quite temperatmental these days too!

Is it worth upgrading the existing kit to say XP, 1024 ram, 128mb AGP video card disc and a 300G disc (keeping the same processor amd motherboard) or simply going for a new computer without screen? If so, what spec would look after us both?
Finally, for simple authoring and manipulation, is the difference bewtween a Athlon 2000 and a dual core 3800 chip that noticeable?

many thanks

  Totally-braindead 21:36 30 Jan 2006

This as you can imagine has been asked many times, installing XP will slow it up as its a bit of a hog regarding resources but it is better than 98 more stable and much better with video, pictures and music if you're really into photos you'd like it once you got used to it, a new video card would be reasonable providing you have AGP and a larger hard drive is also a possability.
You don't mention what sort of games your son plays. As long as its not some of the newer graphics intensive games then upgrading is a reasonable choice. 80 gig hard drive about £40, 120 gig perhaps £10 more, better graphics card than you already have anything from £50 upwards. Seen a good deal on a card that was £120 a year ago click here=

  PC Bilbo 23:20 30 Jan 2006

If you do much video editing, you ideally would need 1024MB RAM ( your Athlon 2000 will run above the recommended min of 1.5GHz for video work ) but be sure you tot up the extra wattage you will load on the PSU and make sure it's adequate.

  Belatucadrus 23:54 30 Jan 2006

The cheapest fix for a PC that's notably slowed down is reformat then reload only what software you need and top it off by maxing out the RAM at Crucial.

  Hammersmith 19:45 04 Feb 2006

Thanks for the responses folks,

I've decided to upgrade and go for a newer PC too!

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