Upgrade or change i5 2400 and sli gtx 950

  vipag 07:54 30 Apr 2018

Sorry, YET another upgrade question (I've had a search but just too many hits!).

Anyway - according to CPU-Z I have the following spec, with the following questions...

I have a fairly good system, can play most games near to ultra, but have some money to upgrade (or replace?).

Mother board is sandy bridge MSI Z77aA-G45 with i5 2400 ... can I just change the chip (to i5 3750, or even i7) or is it better to change whole m/b AND chip?

Memory is 1x 8gb cosair DDR3 - again, add a second matching chip, or get new?

Graphics is a PAIR of GTX 950, 2Gb, cards in SLI ... keep or replace (1 x 1050 Ti?)

I still use Win 7 ... time to u/g to Win 10 or OK to stick with Win 7?

Case is good, decent power supply, boot is 128 SSD (probably OK) and 500 HD (needs changeing - I keep running out! --> 2Tb).

Use is mainly OFF line games, I like them to "look good" so like to play close to ultra on my 21:9 ACER monitor at native 3440 x 1440.

Any thoughts - including how difficult would it be to DIY as I have very limited knowledge (going to watch the "how to" vids on here!)

Budget (for new system) would be up to £1k, but would prefer less if I upgrade! What do people do with "old" componants (say I get a "new" GPU what's best to do with the old ones ... ebay or is there a specialist place to shift it?)

Many thanks in advance

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