To upgrade or buy new?

  hecate 18:37 18 Mar 2003

Hi. My computer is getting a bit past it I think.It seems to be getting slower and slower. My query is .Is it better to buy a new computer, or upgrade with a new mobo and processer? I've recently installed a new cd-rom and cd-re writer and it seems a waste to ditch them.My existing set-up is AMD-K6(tm)3D500mhz .Mobo gigabyte GA-5AXF3 running windows 98se.I don't need cutting edge technology ,just something a little faster.Has anybody out there got any suggestions? Thanks, Hecate.

  MAJ 18:50 18 Mar 2003

You have just about the same spec as me, hecate. It's more than sufficient for what I use my PC for and more. Of course it depends on your ability, confidence and budget as to how you proceed. Personally I would go the upgrade route. But before doing anything, do a format and clean install, that will bring your PC back up to speed again.

  PA28 18:52 18 Mar 2003

I've just upgraded my system to a P4 2.4, 512mb DDR. I needed new board, processor, sink, fan, memory, and power supply (for the P4). My case was already capable of taking the board (is yours?) and, like you, I had upgraded most of the components.

Your argument is whether to offset the cost of a new machine by selling your old one, or by upgrading to save money. I took the latter route and the total cost was just over £300. A similar spec machine would cost new around £800. Would I have achieved £500 on my old machine. Doubtful.

  hamelin 18:55 18 Mar 2003

Hi, check out the prices here: click here then look to find out what it would cost to upgrade to a similar spec' . The difference will not be by much. No doubt the Forum will point you in the direction of other good PC deals, if we ask them nicely.

  Rayuk 19:05 18 Mar 2003

If you have a look at some base units without cdrw then transfer over from old machine.Have a look in Micromart plenty of low cost base units available.For a reasonable price.You could then sell on your old pc

  hecate 15:40 20 Mar 2003

Hi all. Many thanks to all who helped with my query.Hecate.

  hecate 16:23 03 Apr 2003

Can anybody help? I've just fitted a new mobo ASUS A7S333 complete with Athlon Duron 1.3 also 256mhz memory.Everything fired up fine on first attempt,great I thought! straight into the BIOS.Trouble is I cant get anything else.As soon as I try to exit the BIOS my comp powers down.I've tried manipulating the BIOS settings which I am able to do(before returning them to the default settings).I'm probably doing something stupid so I would appreciate any suggestions.Windows 98 SE.By the way I would like to make another point regarding "Crucial the memory experts " I put in an order via the net about 0830 on Sunday.My order arrived just before 0900 Monday, pretty good service from one end of the country to the otherin 24 hours.Thanks Hecate

  Rayuk 17:19 03 Apr 2003

If youve changed anything in the bios and cannot remember what have you tried clearing the cmos.Look in the manual should tell you where the jumper is.

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