Upgrade or buy new?

  mutmeeman 12:27 29 Jun 2007

Hi all....dont laugh...oh, go on then...I've got an old computer, about 8 years old and it has (I quote):

An Intel Celeron processor..797MHz 128 MB of ram

Basically, I want to burn/rip/use CD's and DVD's and I think I need a bigger processor and obviously a CD/DVD writer/rewriter???

Is it just a case of buying/installing a new processor(I've seen a Pentium 4 model 631 for sale...would that do?) and then getting a DVD rewriter or am I just "barking" and need to buy a new computer?

Thanx in advance to anyone who can be arsed to answer.

  Diemmess 12:38 29 Jun 2007

No question
Buy a new one.

If you upgrade from what you have you will be very limited in what can be done.

More fun to build your own but you will spend much more than buying ready made even if your choice includes gizmos you do not need.

There is a huge variety of choice for new buys, but that is another post in itself.

  mutmeeman 12:59 29 Jun 2007

Thanx Diemmess.......anyone concur??

  Pine Man 13:10 29 Jun 2007


The sort of motherboard your existing processor is on probably won't support a much bigger one anyway and the RAM will be pretty restricted.

  keef66 15:47 29 Jun 2007

Maybe not barking, but possibly delusional.

Money down the drain trying to upgrade something of that vintage.

Dell are still ridiculously good value for money, as long as you don't want to be upgrading in the future.

  Totally-braindead 15:58 29 Jun 2007

I'm afraid I have to agree with the others. Upgrading it considering its age and the type of processor would probably be expensive, you would probably have to use second hand bits and its just not worth it.
A friend of mine had a fairly old PC and asked me to upgrade the memory, until he found out the price. It was £79 I think for a mere 128mb from Crucial because the memory his PC used was rather rare/old, as an example of how expensive this is 256mb of newer faster DDR memory for a more modern PC is about £15. Thats twice the memory for about a fifth of the price.
Get a new PC.

  mikesuther 19:18 29 Jun 2007

For what it will cost you could buy a quality pc / laptop. how much are you thinking of spending, if you buy a new system you will also get the latest operating system called vista.

If you go to your local PC World you will see a selection of laptops starting from £330. take the plunge go on you will have fun trust me, im a computer lackie, look at the advice from the experts in pc advisor best buys if you want some unbiased advice.

Good luck, and have fun. Your as young as the keys you press as they say.... well anyway have fun.



  mutmeeman 12:07 03 Jul 2007

A Big thankyou to all who responded.....I guess I'll start looking for a new PC. In the meantime however, I am just trying to "rip" cd's onto RealPlayer but all I get is a copy that is skipping & jumping. This happens with any CD and they play normally in the CD drive.
Is this because my processor isn't powerful enough and if so, what can be done?

  crosstrainer 13:48 03 Jul 2007

I agree with everyone else, for the record, I am in the process of taking kit of your present vintage, and younger to the recycling centre, new machines are available for not a lot these day's

The self build option is more satisfying, and fun. It's not that complicated to do and a lot of suppliers will quote you prices for a self build "kit"

  Diemmess 14:28 03 Jul 2007

Forget Real Player for the moment....
Download (free) Audacity and look at this link. click here
Once you have your selection recorded on Audacity you can "export2 as a .wav file and play it on WMP, or perhaps with difficulty even Real Player

  Diemmess 14:29 03 Jul 2007

Sorry about my typing!

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