upgrade or buy new?

  Linus Tourvald 15:20 31 Aug 2003

HI all i would like to upgrade my computer, can you give me advice as to is it worth it or just to buy a new one, or just stay as i am for a bit longer.... here goes

p4 1.5
384mb pc133 sd ram
40gb hdd
hercules prophet 4500 tv out graphics card
soundblaster 3.1 card

these are the main things i am thinking of upgrading

can anyone advise me of a better graphics card, chip and ram?

  hugh-265156 15:37 31 Aug 2003

depends on what do you want to do with the computer?your specs are not that bad.

what motherboard do you have?would be helpful to know as then you can find out the max size processor the board can support.use aida32 to find out your hardware click here

use the crucial memory selector to find out your max memory for your mobo click here

  woodchip 15:43 31 Aug 2003

Why do you want to upgrade if the aboves your setup???? Are you wanting to go to Mars

  woodchip 15:45 31 Aug 2003

if it's to play games it would be a lot cheaper to get a Play Station2 or Xbox. plus it would not mess your computer up

  xania 20:38 31 Aug 2003

What OS re you using? What are you hoping to achieve with an upgrade?

  the lone cloner 20:55 31 Aug 2003

this is bill gates here my man what can i do for you.

  Linus Tourvald 21:10 31 Aug 2003

i am running xp pro but my friend has just got a comp with alot better specs than mine and he says that if i dont upgrade now my computer will be redundant within a few months

  woodchip 21:25 31 Aug 2003

He's an idiot

  woodchip 21:27 31 Aug 2003

If some one told you to jump in the canal, Would you?!!!!!

  Ironman556 22:18 31 Aug 2003

Do as huggyg71 says, post back with motherboard make/model. We can see then how far you can go with a CPU upgrade, it may be that you can only get a few more Mhz, which really won't make a lot of difference.

What do you want to do with your PC? You've got a decent spec still, I assume it runs just about everything you throw at it? (I'm sitting on PIII 500MHz fine for working and all but the latest games)

  spuds 22:52 31 Aug 2003

Save your money for a few months, then come back again.Things can only get better and cheaper!.

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