Upgrade old computer.

  LondonGman 22:16 31 Jan 2007

Guys, I am so out of touch with modern technology. But I know my computer needs an upgrade.

My computer is an old Athlon 2500 with 1G of FSB333 RAM, I got 4 HD’s, 2 IDE and 2 SATA and a relatively new PSU (Power Supply Unit). My computer freezes way too often and I cannot be bothered to find the fault as whatever the problem is, I would rather upgrade than repair this old system.

I want to upgrade (rebuild) it and use as much as possible of my old stuff to keep cost down, i.e. operating system, keyboard, mouse, monitor and peripherals. However I would probably need a new mobo, cpu, ram and maybe graphics card (NVIDIA) and case.

Any suggestions. Budget around £300

  woodchip 22:20 31 Jan 2007

Getting a New comp does not mean you will be free from faults. you comp is decent speck. Check Fans are working and clear of muck. In particular CPU fan, and Graphics if there is one

  LondonGman 22:32 31 Jan 2007

I have checked all the obvious. No joy.

  keef66 22:44 31 Jan 2007

just out of curiosity why do you need 4 hdd's? They might be a cause of overheating and hence the freezing

Have you tried a clean install on your existing pc? Usually results in a good as new pc. Just remember after reinstalling windows to install the motherboard chipset drivers, otherwise it will run like a dog.

This pc is only an Athlon XP 2100+ but it still runs like a dream; why are you so keen to write yours off?

If you're determined to go ahead, have you considered a barebones bundle? You could just pop in a graphics card and your sata hdd's and off you go. Look at these from Novatech
click here

Note that if your copy of Windows is OEM, you wouldn't be able to activate it on a new barebones system.

  LondonGman 23:03 31 Jan 2007

Thank keef66 for the link. Is a start on my search for for mobo cpu and ram.

Like I said, I have done all the basics including reinstall and all drivers and numerous diagnostic programs.
Time for an upgrade

Need replies on suggestion for mobo cpu and ram please.


Lol 4 HD, 1) 30G = Operating system 2) 120G = Games 3) 80G = Programs setup files and ISO 4) 180G = Saved documents and effects of downloading with broadband.

  keef66 10:02 01 Feb 2007

Intel Core 2 Duo is the cpu of choice atm. More bang per buck than the equivalent AMD.

Your budget suggests you'll be shopping at the cheaper end of the range, and at stock speeds the E6300 and E6400 are pretty good.

If, however, you're prepared to overclock it a bit, may I suggest the E4300. Have a read of this:-

click here

You'll need a motherboard which you can overclock to 800mhz fsb, and 1 or 2GB pc2-6400 RAM to go with it. You amy even be able to find them as a bundle.

You could have a Porsche for Mondeo money.

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