Upgrade NVIDIA GTX 560SE graphics

  Ian in Northampton 18:40 07 Nov 2013

My son has a GTX560SE graphics card. For Christmas, he's looking to upgrade it. What would be a good upgrade (NVIDIA) that would give him worthwhile additional graphics performance for e.g. Battlefield 4 at a reasonable price? And: is he likely to find himself limited by the fact that he 'only' has an AMD Bulldozer FX4100 quad core processor (which we can't afford to upgrade at the same time as the graphics card)?

  martd7 23:40 09 Nov 2013

Yeah i agree it should be good enough i wasn't advocating buying a 450w was just giving my own experience

  Ian in Northampton 10:00 10 Nov 2013

Thanks again for your interest, guys.

retep888™: yeah, at some stage he needs to get himself a full HD monitor... And I hear what you're saying about upgrading the CPU. It would be a shame if his existing CPU throttled a new graphics card.

It's starting to look very much like the GTX660. I was just looking at a review of the GTX760, which would be at the very top of my budget. However, I think I can eliminate that, as the spec requires a minimum 500w PSU, which may push the existing PSU to its limits.

Speaking of which: I really don't want to replace the PSU so, in line with your recommendations, we'll suck it and see.

  Ian in Northampton 11:07 10 Nov 2013

retep888™ - thanks again. I think we've settled on the GTX660... :-)

  martd7 12:50 10 Nov 2013

Ian in Northampton

If your budget is £200,why not purchase a full hd monitor?

The graphics card on looking was £140 A 22" samsung full hd monitor is £79

click here you slightly over budget


  martd7 13:36 10 Nov 2013

maybe so retep888 i was just giving ian options for that reason, it will be a sharper display and a higher resolution

  Ian in Northampton 16:04 10 Nov 2013

I'm really appreciate of everyone's help.

Re monitor: yep, you're right - gaming (at least for my son) is all about the immersive experience - being in the action, not watching it. That means filling his field of view to the maximum extent possible. So, yes, a 32" screen with inferior resolution is a better bet than a smaller screen with higher resolution. I can see next birthday or Christmas being a 37" full HD TV...

Yep, either the 660Ti or the 760 would be better than the 660 - no doubt about it. The key in my mind, though, is whether the 660 will deliver a visibly better gaming experience for him than the 560SE. From the feedback so far, I'm thinking that it will.

  Ian in Northampton 16:07 10 Nov 2013

I'm assuming, btw, that the GTX660 should be a pretty straightforward drop-in replacement? Will I even need to re-install the driver?

  martd7 16:21 10 Nov 2013

yep im sure you would need to reinstall

The 660 is far superior,i play bf4 with graphics on ultra but i do have a intel i5 processor whether thats makes any difference i dont know

click here

  Ian in Northampton 16:47 10 Nov 2013

nickf: thanks. I'm slightly wary about staying up to date with the latest NVIDIA drivers. They have a tendency to cause a lot of heartache, and often need to be rolled back to a stable version.

mart7: the i5 is unquestionably a superior CPU to the AMD, but I'm guessing the current CPU my son has will probably be good enough.

I found this quite reassuring - "massively better" (although I know they're comparing the 3GB version of the GTX660, but I'm guessing that's not so significant vs. a 2GB card in the grand scheme of things).

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