Upgrade NVIDIA GTX 560SE graphics

  Ian in Northampton 18:40 07 Nov 2013

My son has a GTX560SE graphics card. For Christmas, he's looking to upgrade it. What would be a good upgrade (NVIDIA) that would give him worthwhile additional graphics performance for e.g. Battlefield 4 at a reasonable price? And: is he likely to find himself limited by the fact that he 'only' has an AMD Bulldozer FX4100 quad core processor (which we can't afford to upgrade at the same time as the graphics card)?

  rdave13 19:55 07 Nov 2013

Have a look at this site, Click here. Will give a fair benchmark of your GPU and CPU. CPU is good enough in my humble opinion. Then take notes on upgrading cards and find the cheapest that can do the job. Remember to search for the power usage of any card that you upgrade to as the minimum isn't good enough usually. 400W would mean 450W minimum for me and 500W would suffice.

Good hunting.

  Ian in Northampton 13:31 08 Nov 2013

Thanksrdav13 - that's an interesting site. Anyone else have any recommendations? I haven't seen our gaming guru Chronos around for a while...

  rdave13 21:28 08 Nov 2013

Ian in Northampton , the forum member, which you speak of, is no longer here. Seeing an absence of replies I think you would be better off doing a bit of homework. I'm not a gamer so I can't give further advice but the site I linked to should help. Good luck.

  martd7 22:47 08 Nov 2013

Rdave13 when did that occur with chronos?

noticed for some time he was missing

  rdave13 23:09 08 Nov 2013

mart7 , some things are taboo on these forums and the Editor does his job. What happened I don't know. Shame really but that's the way it goes. Must admit that FE takes some stick before the eventual ban comes along. Lord knows I've deserved being banned a few times here over the years .. but got away with it.


  martd7 23:20 08 Nov 2013

I guess so ,he did have his fair share of warnings though,yes its a shame

  martd7 23:23 08 Nov 2013

Ian of northampton

i upgraded on the advise of chronos to a gtx 660 and couldn't be happier,bf4 is amazing using this card,the visuals are superb

  rdave13 23:33 08 Nov 2013

Please check the power required for this card, Ian in Northampton, you will need to open the case and physically check the PSU ratings on the label and the physical dimensions of a new PSU (if required) that will fit your case.

mart7 seems to be the best to advise you in this instance.

  Ian in Northampton 08:33 09 Nov 2013

I sensed something like that might have happened with Chronos. He was a great resource - very knowledgeable - but was often quick to express his frustrations with the site. Shame.

Thanks both for your continuing help. rdave13: I'm fairly confident that the PC was originally fitted with a decent name brand, high wattage PSU - but I'll check.

Mart7: thanks - I'll check out the GTX660.

  martd7 11:09 09 Nov 2013

If you decide on the gtx 660 this is a good deal you receive 2 new games with the card,assasins creed blackflag and splintercell blacklist,digital download i would presume

click here

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