Upgrade Non-wireless router??

  Non-techy 09:22 08 Aug 2008

I have a pc that is connected to broadband via a Non-wireless router. My son is buying a laptop that he wishes to operate in wireless mode.

As you can see from my userid technical stuff is not my forte.
Can someone please tell me what options I have to make this happen without spending too much!!


  TonyM 09:44 08 Aug 2008

What model of router do you have ?

  Non-techy 09:51 08 Aug 2008

It's a BT Voyager 220v ADSL Voice Router

  PC Bilbo 10:27 08 Aug 2008

You don't state how far away from the router the laptop will be nor what it's wireless capability is.

Distance and the number of intervening walls/floors and wether or not they have metal reinforcement will all affect signal strength.Distances quoted by manufacturer's usually assume ideal conditions in free air which is rarely found in a home environment:radiated interference will also cut range.

If you plan on using the 'G' spec protocol (currently cheaper than the latest draft 'N' spec, and the laptop is reasonably close, a standard G spec modem/router will suffice. If you already have a modem with an ethernet connection than you only need a wireless router.

If you are doubtful about your local conditions it is worth investing in a model with MIMO capability (multiple input/output channels) which will significantly increase range.

  TonyM 12:20 08 Aug 2008

You have 2 choices if you want to go wireless:

1) Buy a "Wireless Access point" taht you then connect to your current router soemthing like ...

click here

2) replpace your current router with one that has Wireless built in.

Personally I would go for the second option.

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