Upgrade my MICROSOFT OFFICE 97 to Microsoft office

  Mike-256840 12:59 25 Jan 2003

On my old PC with Windows 98, I had installed Microsoft office 97. Now I have bought a new PC with Windows XP, can I install my CD of Microsoft office 97 on the new PC and can I upgrade it to Office 2002 ?
Your help will be much appreciated.
Please reply to [email protected]

  -pops- 13:05 25 Jan 2003

Yes to both. I've done it myself.

Bit of advice - best not to post your email address on the forum. Even here there can be some very strange people. We can get in touch if necessary by the envelope beside your name.


  jazzypop 13:08 25 Jan 2003

Office 97 will certainly run on XP, and is upgradable to 2002 - check at click here

You may need to check the licence conditions - from memory, you could install Office to two separate PCs (e.g. laptop and desktop) provided that you did not use them at the same time.

  -pops- 13:10 25 Jan 2003

Note: there is no need to load Office 97. All you have to do is to go direct to loading Office 2002 and at some point in the installation it will ask you to insert the qualifying software. Put your 97 disk in. It will think about it for a moment or two and carry on loading.

It's best to do it this way then you won't have loads of redundant junk left behind from your old version.


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