Upgrade from modem to what?

  gfergie 14:11 12 Nov 2008

I am running Windows XP and using BT Broadband with a Speedtouch 330 modem. When a speed change occurs I am disconnected which is quite often.
Can I upgrade to a home hub or router and does it have to be a BT product?
I am 74 years of age and would like an answer in simple terms.


  cream. 14:27 12 Nov 2008

"Can I upgrade to a router"


"does it have to be a BT product"


If your computer has an ethernet port,click here also know as a lan port. You can use a standard non wifi router like this click here

If your computer or computers want to be wireless use one of these click here

  cream. 14:29 12 Nov 2008

I should have added that they are lots of wired ( to lan port ) or wireless routers on the market. The only constraint is the price you want to pay.

  Fingees 15:03 12 Nov 2008

You may be able to get a free or cheap home hub from BT, if you ask.
They may well agree, if you renew your contract for another twelve month.

It's worth a try.

  Clapton is God 15:11 12 Nov 2008

"When a speed change occurs I am disconnected which is quite often"

What's to say that disconnections won't occur even when using a router?

  gfergie 15:54 12 Nov 2008

Thanks Cream
I have ordered the Wifi router you suggested.
I did try to get a free home hub out of BT as I have been a customer for many years but they did not want to know.
It seems that they treat their new customers better than their long standing loyal ones.

  cream. 19:07 12 Nov 2008

Setting up the router is usually quite easy, just pop the disk in the drive and follow the prompts.

If you have an difficulty just post a new thread with the details of the router, if you want to go wireless and if you have more than one computer you wish to connect.

We will be pleased to help.

Re BT. totally agree.

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