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Upgrade to Microsoft Office Pro. 2016

  twitcher2 14:55 09 Dec 2018

I am thinking of upgrading my Office Pro. 2003 to Pro.2016. Will I be able to do this without problems or will I have to upgrade to an earlier version?

  nateliv 22:11 09 Dec 2018

There are no upgraded of Office lifetime license products, there hasn't been since Office 2007 versions, all Office versions are full versions and you buy the suite you require, or the individual component (Access2016)

  difarn 22:18 09 Dec 2018

You should be able to uninstall 2003 and then install 2016 without any problem - of course you will need to pay for the relevant licence.

  john bunyan 06:34 10 Dec 2018

You may as well go for version 2019

  wiganken2 08:38 10 Dec 2018

I assume one will pay more for a later version but why pay more for 2019 when there is little difference between 2016 and 2019? Explanation here : - click here .

  Forum Editor 09:53 10 Dec 2018

I use Office 365, so I'm not familiar with the differences - my MS Office applications are constantly updated as new versions appear. I don't suddenly see a jump to a new version, it all happens automatically and in increments.

You might want to take a look at this, however - it deals with the differences between the 2016 and 2019 standalone versions.

  twitcher2 12:44 10 Dec 2018

Thanks for all your help. I have several Access programs and numerous diary entries on Outlook calendar which I want to transfer from Office 2003 to whatever later version I decide to buy. I just wondered whether there would be any problem transferring them. I've had problems before over the years with other software.

  wee eddie 16:56 10 Dec 2018

Your Access Files will be just that > File.xls They remain on the Computer and will open in your new version of Office.

With Outlook, you will have a Folder in Documents called Outlook Files, within it should be a .pst file which should be today's date.

When you have installed your new version of Office > open Outlook > click Tab - File > click Tab - Open > click Import/Export > follow the Wizard

  Forum Editor 22:42 10 Dec 2018

be aware that you cannot install the desktop version of Office 2019 on a Windows 7 or 8/8.1 machine, your computer must be running Windows 10.

You can however, run an Office 365 subscription in Windows 7 or 8/8.1

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