Upgrade from ME to Win 2K: probs.

  Tj_El 21:30 26 Jan 2003

Hi there,

A friend upgraded from ME to Win 2k and says the first attempt failed so he ended up doing a format and install but he's unable to really tell me exactly what he did (he not being a computer-savvy as you folks).

Anyway I went to have a look at his PC and he has 1.24GB partition which is neither the basic (I think that's what it was named) nor an extended/logical partition. The main (and only) partition of the C drive is 17.74GB.

Can we 'merge' this 1.24GB partition into the C drive partition and if yes then how? by deleting or formating it?

Again your expert advise appreciated.

Best regards


  BRYNIT 21:47 26 Jan 2003

Read this on patitioning you HD click here;en-us;q255867

  BRYNIT 21:51 26 Jan 2003

Link didn't work try this


  BRYNIT 21:52 26 Jan 2003

Just copy and past into address bar

  Quiller. 22:02 26 Jan 2003

Download a win98 bootdisk from here click here

Transfer the files to a floppy disk. Insert this in the "A" drive and boot up.

Let it load and pick start computer with cdrom support.

When it is finished you will get to A prompt.

Now type A:\ fdisk and enter

A large screen will ask if you wish to enable large disk support. pick "y" and enter

Now do absolutely nothing except to pick option 4.

Make a note of what it says for the drive or drives including the percentage.

To exit just keep pressing the esc. button.

Post back with results.

  woodchip 22:08 26 Jan 2003

Get Partion Magic 2002 you can do it with that.

  Tj_El 22:54 26 Jan 2003

Thanks for that bsod... you didn't mention what we'd accomplish by following your steps....?

woodchip, when you say "you can do it with 'Partition Magic'" what do you mean by 'it'?


  Quiller. 07:05 27 Jan 2003

What it will say with this is what size your hard disk is partitioned.

If it is partitioned in to two drives it will say ;

Drive C 1.24gig at 8%?

Drive D 17.74 at 92%?

or similar.

If you see these figures,you can then work to un do it through fdisk.

Partition magic as woodchip suggests can do the job in one go.

It may have 2 draw backs I think?

1. It is a product you have to buy, there are others you may get for free.

2. you have to have windows up and running?????

  woodchip 16:15 27 Jan 2003

Partition Magic work's from Dos also If it's on CD alter your boot to start from CD first

  Quiller. 20:18 27 Jan 2003

That's useful information woodchip. Some thing I did not know.

You notice that I did use the term "may" and "???". lol

When I tried mine, Partition Magic, out I installed it through windose and it asked me to reboot to dos to use and also to make some boot diskettes. I think.

Trouble was that I could not get away with it. So had to revert back to fdisk.

  woodchip 20:24 27 Jan 2003

Hope it works for you it should, If it is a fairly new computer and motherboard supports it

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