Upgrade Laptop or Continue Saving for Gaming PC

  Aydin_1610 17:15 04 Jan 2018

Hey, there. I know this has probably been asked A LOT, but i've been doing a tonne of research, and still comming up indecisive...

I am 16 (with a steady job), saving up all the money i can to build a gaming computer. Currently, i have an MSI PE70 6QE laptop with the specs as follows:

CPU: Intel i7-6700HQ clocked at 2.6GHz quad core

GPU: Nvidia GTX 960M 2gb VRAM with a slight OC

Memory: 8gb DDR4-2133

Storage: 1tb HDD

Here is the thing. I use the laptop for basically everything, so thinking about upgrading to 16gb ram (only need to buy one more stick of 8, ive checked and there is two DIMM slots, only one populated) and a 500gb Samsung 850 Evo M.2 SSD. I currently have about £750 saved over the past few months, but this would effectively cut my current savings in half at best. For reference, I play all kinds of games, from games like GTA V, Wolfenstein, DOOM, PUBG, JC3 and the like.

So the main question. Do i continue with my saving, or bite the bullet and upgrade the laptop now? I intend on using my laptop once my PC is built in the future, but not even nearly as much as i use it now. Thanks. :)

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