Upgrade Lappy or buy £480 new one-Which one please

  buel 20:42 14 Aug 2009

Hello. Please can i have some people's advice?
Im not sure whether to upgrade my laptop which is a 3 year old Medion MD96032 Intel Celeron CPU [email protected] ghz, i upgraded the Ram to 1.5gb of Ram and it has a 40gb Hard Drive.
I was planning on putting in 4gb of Ram and maybe putting a ssd hard drive in it and obviously putting a fresh XP on.

my other choice is spending £480 on a Sony Vaio VGN-NS20J (as advertised in the latest Pc Advisor) and then a bit more on an XP licence (i know, i know!!)
It has a 2ghz Intel core 2 Duo Mobile T4200, 3Gb Ram, 250Gb Hard drive.

Please tell me what you think?
Thank you!!

  GaT7 20:48 14 Aug 2009

Hi buel,

Would depend on what you use it for?

If it's only for a bit of surfing & basic tasks, then upgrading the old one with a larger hard drive [rather than a very expensive(?) SSD], some more RAM & a fresh OS install could work wonders.

And save you £450-500 you were thinking on the new laptop & a XP license. G

  kindly 20:49 14 Aug 2009

Hi buel,
I would just go for the new lap top. The other one being three years old will be getting a bit slow I guess. You could try to put a linux OS on it for yourself to practise on. You could sell it and get a couple pounds back. I would try the Linux OS myself just to see if it is as easy as some people say it is to operate.
After saying that, if you get a new one you can pre order the new windows system and get it a cheap price when it comes out.

  rdave13 20:53 14 Aug 2009

Personally I'd buy the Vaio and use the older laptop as a backup machine. Why not Vista with the Windows 7 upgrade you'll certainly get with a new machine? That would be my choice but it's up to you.
Another choice would be to wait until W7 is preinstalled later on this year.

  GaT7 20:58 14 Aug 2009

"You could sell it and get a couple pounds back."

Hey, I'll have it for that much & pay for the postage too ;-), G

  buel 21:02 14 Aug 2009

Hello there Crossbow7, kindly and rdave13, thank you for the help! Hmmm..well to be honest id be burning a lot more DVDs of my favourite clips (Alan Partridge, Star Trek etc etc) if the Medion had the processor power but it does stuggle if the truth be told. I like the idea of trying the Linux approach, i may well give that a go! Thank you too for the advice about the ssd, i hadn't really thought of the price. Have any of you used a pc with a ssd? Id be interested in hearing if they are that much quicker?
Thank you again!!

  Audio~~Chip 22:04 14 Aug 2009

you could get a Acer with a T7200 2.0GHz, 250GB HDD 17" Screen. Have a look on Amazon.co.uk

  buel 11:11 15 Aug 2009

Is the Acer with a T7200 and 250gb that much of a better laptop then please?
(the only reason i am thinking of the Sony is that it was recommended in the latest Pc Advisor?)

  GaT7 11:20 15 Aug 2009

A few 17" Toshiba ones to consider, from £350-450:

Toshiba L350D-201 QL-62 click here
Toshiba L350-21Q T3000 click here
Toshiba L350-235 T4200 click here

Audio~~Chip, do you have a link to that laptop please? G

  buel 11:41 16 Aug 2009

Thank you Crossbow7, are these laptops better than the Sony in the latest edition of Pc Advisor that i mentioned?

  buel 21:22 16 Aug 2009

Thank you Crossbow7, are these laptops better than the Sony in the latest edition of Pc Advisor that i mentioned?

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