Upgrade Issues

  Tonycablejr 12:05 08 Mar 2004


I’m thinking of upgrading my computer and was wondering if anyone out there could help me with suggestions on the best thing to do.

My laptop is currently running the following:
> Windows 95 4.0
> Office 2000
> Internet explorer 5.5
> Pentium
> 64mb RAM
> 1st Hard Drive, capacity 1.99Gb, 413Mb Free
> 2nd hard drive, capacity 850Mb, 371Mb Free

I think my Pentium is around about 133mhz
I have a floppy drive and a cd-rom drive, but as it’s a laptop these are dockable and therefore I can only use one at a time. I have an external cd writer that I can use but I’m worried that during the upgrade the drivers might be deleted half way through the installation.
I’m not sure 100% what the read speeds are of the cd-roms but think they are about 24x.
I have the drivers so if they are deleted I can re-install it again.

I can free up more space on either hard drive if needed.

I have been told that my computer will happily run both windows 98 SE and windows 2000 but when I heard this I was a bit suspicious at this claim as I thought my computer wasn’t that good.

If anyone can confirm or deny these claims it would be useful. Also what happens during an upgrade? By this I mean what data am I likely to use and should I back up valuable files before I undertake an upgrade?

I don’t want to ruin my computer by attempting an upgrade and it’s going to fail halfway through or lose any valuable data that I have.
I’m also worried as I don’t have a Windows 95 disk in-case something goes wrong, but have almost every other that might be useful (windows 98, windows 2000, office 2000, office XP and office 2003)

Also of the above software can you also tell me what I can and can’t run on my laptop please.

I know that this question is a bit long but needed to include as much info as possible. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. If I’ve missed anything let me know and I will find out any missing information.


  mdshamilton 12:12 08 Mar 2004

Why do you want to upgrade your laptop? Is it slow doing certain tasks? This will help people to advise you on your best course of action - although to be honest you might be best placed saving your money and buying a new one in a year or two. A 133Mhz Pentium is very slow...

  Tonycablejr 12:20 08 Mar 2004

i know my computers slow.

i need the upgrade to run some programs (mostly ie 6 so i can do my xml assignment) but also some programs that i have need win98 or better.

i'm going to get me a new computer but also want this laptop to be as good as possible so they are compatable with each other.

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