upgrade to home XP?

  simongy 16:46 09 Oct 2003

My pc is currently using win 2000, what is the benefit of updating to XP? is it a more stable system? or what? views would be most welcome.

windows xp is the most stable of all the windows applications... and has too many benefits to mention..
one piece of advice UPGRADE NOW!!!!!

  chris05 16:56 09 Oct 2003

The setup is great the program is stable looks better and it is more user freindly, if I was you I would upgrade to xp pro as ot offers better features then home, why dont you try a dual boot with 2000 and xp if you can get hold of a copy from a friend then you can see the diffrence you will however need to give it a chance its a little in your face for the first few days and takes a little while to get used to it will grow on you big time i promise that.

  Proxy Worm 18:11 09 Oct 2003

its more easiar to use (in some cases) looks better more reliable but could do with a polish here and there but overalll its the bst one for me. so i think you should definetly get it!

  MIke 18:29 09 Oct 2003

I agree with all that's been said before, never had a blue screen with XP, they were becoming too regular on Win98, so I bit the bullet and did the upgrade. It took a little while to get used to the new look and some of the features, but I'd never go back to 98 now. It's just so stable.

It is worth noting that if you or any of your relatives are involved in primary, or further education, you may qualify for Microsoft's educational upgrade which costs a lot less than the normal retail price.

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