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  lelole 11:00 06 May 2003

Am a bit of a computer duimmie, and have had my computer for 4 years and just used it for typing letters and internet. Recently I got broadband, and am beginning to use it for lots more stuff, but am running out of space.I originally got my computer from PCWorld, it is a pentium 111 450mz with a 6GB drive, but I only have 1.5 GB left and it keps crashing. I have upgraded the Ram to 192, and Ihave windows ME. I don't really want to go to PCworld again to do it, as I am beginning to think they charge a lot for simple stuff. So I was wondering if any kind soul out there would give me some guidance on the kind of equipment I would need to update my computer, and where best to get it from so I'm not ripped off. I am hoping to use my computer for music and DVDs.

would appreciate any advice.


Ps my mouse keeps disappearing is this due to the lack of space?

  Belatucadrus 11:59 06 May 2003

Before you look at more hardware, a little spring cleaning could be worth trying. First back up everything you want to keep, then delete anything you no longer need, try one of these disk cleaners Space Odyssey click here , G-Lock Temp Cleaner 2.0 click here then tidy up the registry with JV16 powertools click here after that run scandisc and then defragment, that should help.
If you want to really bite the bullet, you could reformat the system, a bit daunting the first time, but worth the effort click here for a posting on how to do this, remember to collect all your driver disks together before trying this.

  Jomi 12:03 06 May 2003

As your hard disk fills up you pc will slow down, you can add a new hard drive and transfer data on to that to free up the original.

I had windows ME and lots of crashes even with loads of space on the hard drive and tons of ram, maybe it was just my system but installing windows XP has shown a vast improvement.

You don't say what you mean be "doing lots more stuff" but many modern programs use a lot of system resources so more ram could help.
But I think you may need a faster processor, which probably means a better motherboard, which might mean a new case and power supply etc...

My personal view is that if you're going to playing with DVDs and 'loads more stuff'you might be better advised to replace your system, I get the impression you wouldn't want to build your own, well, even so, there are some great choices around which will give you the extra power you need.

good luck

  vaughan007 12:13 06 May 2003

Dont know why your mouse keeps dissapearing! I assume you mean the mouse pointer...and not the actuall mouse!

For purchasing components click here is one of the best places and they are reliable.

As for doing the work. You are right, PC World do charge a lot of doing relatively simple stuff.

Upgrading things like memory, etc. is very straight forward. It is just a case of buying the right memory unplugging the old memory and plugging in the new stuff.

However, processors and hard drives are a bit more complicated. Although I am sure you could do it!

Before you buy the components you need to find out which components are compatible. This depends upon your motherboard. There are lots of people in this forum who can tell you how far you can upgrade if you give them the model and make of your motherboard.

If you are nervous and dont want to do the upgrades yourself there is probably some local shop/undividual who will upgrade your PC at a very reasonable price (much cheaper than PC world). Just try and find someone reputable.

Finally. Always keep it in mind that sometimes just buying a new PC can be cheaper than upgrading and without any hassle. If you want some advice on where to buy from. Post in the forums!

All the best.


  lelole 12:30 06 May 2003

Am in the midst of doing all of the cleanup stuff that Belatucadrus recommended!! In thre meantime, thanks for the help, my motherboard is a packard bell MediaThunder if that is any help!!


  OneSirKnight 13:34 06 May 2003

could not find any details about your mobo on packard bell web site,try downloading this for more information about your system.......click here

  lelole 16:30 08 May 2003

I have now managed to re-format my hard disk, and everything is much better, thanks for all of your help!!!

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