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  Mr Clark 21:08 08 Jan 2004


Im looking to upgrade my p3 933 to am Athlon xp 2600+. However I do not know which mother board to go for. Does any one know a top of the range one. I need AGP 8X, 5 pci slots, ddr 400 compatibiluity and good reliability as it will be used as a gamong platform. I has looked at the Soltek SLKT600-RL but after reading some reveiws it seems like its not very good at all.

Please help.


Mr Clark.

  rickf 21:16 08 Jan 2004

Go to the Gigabyte website and I am sure you'll find one you need. I have never had probs with their boards.

  leo49 21:17 08 Jan 2004

I recently built this PC on a K7N2 Delta-ILSR

click here

Happy as Larry with it.

  chrisinireland 21:31 08 Jan 2004

well i have just upgraded my system to a amd 3.2ghz , 1gb of ddr pci 3200 and a goforce fx 5950 ultra, im a big time gamer.
The motherboard i just recently bought is an Nforce 2, it has every thing that u r lookin for and its about 60-70quid
its the best bored i have ever bought and it comes with a built in lan/etherbet and a dolby digital 5.1 sound chip. i have been ready reviews on this board and it has got board of the year 2003/2004. there is an even newer one out the Nforce 3 but i would really recommend the Nforce 2 and guess whats it is specifacially designed for games. a mate of mine had his fps (frames per seconds) increased by 80fps by just changing to this board. heres a page about it click here just scrole down and read away. hope this helped u in n e way.

  Mr Clark 21:45 08 Jan 2004

If I get a motherboard with an Nforce 2 chipset can I still use my GeForce 4200 ti graphics card?

  Mr Clark 21:47 08 Jan 2004

Where did you get your board from?

  [email protected] E 22:20 08 Jan 2004

click here For a good place to start.
I currently use gigabyte but the choice is yours.

  Allan-263226 23:00 08 Jan 2004

How much are you wanting to spend on a board?

  woodchip 23:25 08 Jan 2004

What about this click here check the 123 Reviews... Check the second one down

  tartanterror 23:50 08 Jan 2004

Gigabyte GA7-N400V-Pro 2
GA-7N400V Pro2 is a great platform for latest AMD Athlon XP processor. Powered by the revolutionary NVIDIA nForce™2 Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) and industry cutting edge technology, this platform delivers new levels of performance and functionality for today¡¦s most demanded tasks. The nForce™2 platform processors not only carries the new generation architecture consisting of dual channel DDR controller and AGP8X graphics interface, but also integrates the innovative Dynamic adaptive speculative pre-processor (DASP) and HyperTransport Technology to boost the overall system performance. This platform provides full communication suite of Ethernet Gigabit LAN connection, IEEE 1394, and USB2.0 interface for full range of connectivity. In addition, Serial ATA and IDE RAID provide superior input/output performance and data protection to the system. GA-7N400V Pro2 delivers an ideal platform with outstanding performance for home and office environment.

Price: £95.00

  DieSse 00:20 09 Jan 2004

"a mate of mine had his fps (frames per seconds) increased by 80fps"

Increased from what to what exactly - since the eye cannot perceive even 80fps (let alone what it was actually increased to) - where is the point in that?

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