Upgrade hard drive on old Time Computer

  CLONNEN 09:36 18 Jul 2004

I am thinking of upgrading my old PC which is a Time Computer running Windows ME with a 20GB hard drive.

Can I just replace the 20GB hard drive with a higher capacity drive say 60GB.

Would the BIOS need to be updated at all?

Also would the System Restore supplied with the computer stop working as I understand that it uses a hidden part of the hard drive to function.

  CLONNEN 09:37 18 Jul 2004

Sorry didn't make myself clear above.

I am referring to the System Restore cdrom which was purchased from Time.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:39 18 Jul 2004

You will need to know the motherboard manufacturer and the bios version; when you have these you can look at the manufacturer site for info.

It might be a good idea to install the new disk as a slave - you should have room for 2 hdds and 2 optical drives (CD-Roms / DVDs).

  CLONNEN 09:45 18 Jul 2004

How do I find out the details for the motherboard and BIOS?

Sorry if i'm ignorant.

  CLONNEN 10:03 18 Jul 2004

Have downloaded soemthing which hopefully will identify the motherboard and BIOS.

  flyingpeterpan 10:05 18 Jul 2004

You need to open the pc case and look inside , on the Mobo you should see the model no. then you can go to the menufacturer web site and download the current version, but be careful if you don't know how, better leave it alone ,you could render the Mobo useless if you do the wrong bios, I agree with DS you can install the new disk as slave and keep the 20 gb one as the boot disk particularly if you just have a recovery CD only.

  CLONNEN 11:33 18 Jul 2004

Motherboard Specifications are :

CPU Type AMD Duron, 700 MHz (7 x 100)

Motherboard Name MSI K7M Pro (MS-6340M)/K7TM Pro (MS-6340)

Motherboard Chipset VIA VT8364(A) Apollo KL133(A) / VT8365(A) ProSavage KM133(A)

System Memory 48 MB (PC133 SDRAM)

BIOS Type Award Modular (12/13/00)

  CLONNEN 11:36 18 Jul 2004

BIOS Properties are :

Vendor Award Software International, Inc.

Version 6.00 PG

Release Date 12/13/2000

Size 256 KB

Boot Devices Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, CD-ROM, ATAPI ZIP, LS-120

Capabilities Flash BIOS, Shadow BIOS, Selectable Boot, EDD

Supported Standards DMI, APM, ACPI, ESCD, PnP

Expansion Capabilities ISA, PCI, AGP, USB

  dfghjkl 13:55 18 Jul 2004

dont flash the bios unless you have to,simply check your hard drive is set to master,install the new hard drive to slave,this will be shown in more detail with new hard drive manual/disc then start up and see if it is ok,if it is not recognised automaticly then post here and someone will take you through the bios.

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