upgrade graphics card

  waba 19:51 11 Nov 2006


have Dell 9150, currently have radeon x600 hypermemory, can anyone recommend an upgrade to this graphics card that will work in my dell ??? have searched can find nothing on dell to recommend a upgrade. Any websites etc that can check your PC and recommend new card ?????


  SANTOS7 19:59 11 Nov 2006

click here
enter your details here waba, follow links it will give you the info you need,good luck..

  waba 20:02 11 Nov 2006

Hi, when i do this this it only gives info on my memory doesnt show the grpahics card info ?????

  DrScott 20:12 11 Nov 2006

Is this your computer? click here

If so then, click here is your computer specs.

In which case, you should be able to upgrade to any PCI-E graphics card - if you're unsure, give Dell a ring and explain to them the card you want to put in.

However, it seems the power supply is only 375W which is probably not enough for the high end graphics cards.

click here lists cards with their power requirements (note you can't run cards in CF or SLI cards with your motherboard). Perhaps a 7900GT or GS might be an idea, or an X1800 if you want to stick with ATI, as they're similar to the X600 on power needs.

  waba 20:21 11 Nov 2006

Hi, thanks for that ? Yes it is 375w but looking at the website the high end card use 125 / 121 w, with my 375w could the pc not cope ???

  SANTOS7 21:21 11 Nov 2006

The link i have given you has a tab "graphics cards" (in same line as memory upgades)
select that and follow prompts..

  DrScott 08:58 12 Nov 2006

will very likely not cope. Of course for a high end card you're looking at shelling out around £300 which will be somewhat wasted as your CPU is only a Pentium 4. Essentially, the benefits of the top graphics card will be outweighed by your CPU being the limiting factor. Stick to a 7900GT or thereabouts and you'll see a marked improvement in games.

  waba 13:05 12 Nov 2006

Thanks very much will try that.

  waba 12:43 19 Nov 2006

hi, would a x1800 Xl work it needs 57w compared to the x1800 gto which needs 48 ??

  DrScott 19:50 20 Nov 2006

but if you are at all unsure I'd give Dell a ring and ask them :)

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