Upgrade Graphics Card

  Doodles 18:05 04 Nov 2005

I have a GE FORCE FX5200 256mb installed on my PC. When trying to play Age of Empires my graphics struggles to cope.
I think it may be time to change the card.
Can anyone recommend an upgrade please.
I dont really want to spend anymore than a hundred quid.

Many thanks

  Splork 18:13 04 Nov 2005

Geforce 6600GT AGP

  User-312386 18:14 04 Nov 2005
  Splork 18:17 04 Nov 2005

click here
If you can stretch to the XFX version (128mb) it runs a few % faster than a stock 6600GT

  flyingbrit 18:19 04 Nov 2005

I upgraded from 5200 to 6600 gt a while ago I think you can now get 1 for about £100,it is the dog's thingies.Make sure it's the 128meg gt though, don't be fooled into thinking the 6600 256meg is faster, it's not!! If you get 1 you'll not be disapointed it will run Half Life 2 on top whack settings with AA on 4x with no worries at all.

  crag2k5 18:45 04 Nov 2005

hi im also upgrading my card

click here

could you check this and is this the card your talkin about

  flyingbrit 19:54 05 Nov 2005

Yea eccept mines an AGP version,that one's PCI Express,that's even faster if you're motherboard supports it.

  2drewej 21:52 05 Nov 2005

I have a Intel celeron D , 512mb ram win xp sp2 , with a nvidia xfx 5200fx 128mb AGP card (basically same as yours) , and i can play nearly all the top games on medium settings perfectly ?

try Getting More Ram or Defragmenting your Hard Drive
, also using a registry cleaner may get things running smoother ?

  007al 21:59 05 Nov 2005

go for an nvidia 6600gt..you will see a difference.when looking for one,take a look at the ram.256mb sounds great until you find out its a slower ram,thats not going to give you the boost you thought.

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