Upgrade Graphic Card Decision

  Fleecey 09:27 26 May 2006

Hello there,

I really need some help/ advise with upgrading my graphics card.

I unforantly have an old PC but not being able to afford a new one or a major upgrade i have purchased some extra memory and also want to look at upgrading the graphics card.

I have an ASUS A7V motherboard VIA apollo KT133 chipset with an AGP Pro/4x slot that currently holds a 32Mb card.

I believe that i would need a card that takes 3.3V (but im not postive)or i could use one of 2 PCI slots i have free.

Any ideas and if so could you recomend where to purchase it from.

  gudgulf 10:48 26 May 2006

This card supports AGP 2.0,which is AGP 4x so your slot should support it.

click here

AGP pro as used by Asus gives backwards compatibility with AGP 1x which most AGP 2.0 slots didn't.

I wouldn't use a PCI slot card unless absoluely necessary...they run much slower than through the AGP slot so might not be an improvement on what you already have,but if you do need to use one

click here

You didn't say what you want to use the new graphics card for or the speed/type of cpu and memory you have so it's more difficult to match a card to your pc.

Both cards I've mentioned are bottom of the current market cards but should be better than what you already have.

  ed-0 11:20 26 May 2006

" I believe that i would need a card that takes 3.3V (but im not postive)"

Doesn't look like it. It looks as if you can slot a 4X with 1.5v in, but it will just run at 4X. Crucial recommend these two for your board.
click here and click here

It may be worth checking the AGP slot on the motherboard. It may even take a 8X but run at 4X speed.

  keef66 11:22 26 May 2006

4yr old socket A mobo (MSI kt266 pro2a), Athlon XP2100+, 512 mb ram. I have considered all the upgrade options, and concluded memory and graphics are the only areas worth spending on. I have just upped the memory to 1gb, and only 10 mins ago ordered an MSI 6600 AGP graphics card from Morgan

I have had a quick look at your mobo manual and as Gudgulf says your AGP slot supports AGP2.0 which means that a standard AGP 4x card at 1.5v will be fine. (I doubt you could find a 3.3v card now)

You can therefore choose any AGP card. Those offering AGP 8x will still run in your mobo, but obviously only at 4x speed. I doubt you'd notice the difference anyway.

Which card to recommend depends on your budget and what you want it to do. A Geforce 6200 is fairly recent technology, and all you'd need for 2d applications. If like me you want to do some gaming, the Geforce 6600 is about as good as you'll need for a system as old as yours / mine.
The 6600gt is still the budget gamers card of choice, but I think the rest of your system would bottleneck it, and your power supply might not be beefy enough to run it.

Where to buy from? I use Ebuyer, Savastore and Scan regularly. Occasionally, like today, I spot a real bargain on the Morgan website.

  ed-0 11:27 26 May 2006

just had a quick look at the manual and it is as gudgulf says AGP 2.0.

  keef66 11:31 26 May 2006

it says that part of the AGP slot may need to have a small safety tab removed to allow the insertion of an AGP card with a retention notch. Have a look at your current card and see if it fills the entire agp slot. Compare the contacts on the old with the new card, and if they look the same, you're OK

  Fleecey 11:34 26 May 2006

Cheers Everybody this has been driving me mad for about a week and the tech support at the various online sites have not been the best!

This upgrade was pretty much a last ditch attempt to keep the machine going and at least play a few games that were only a couple of years old as opposed to 3 or 4!!

  Fleecey 11:46 26 May 2006

Have seen that it was mentioned that an AGPx8 card may work in the motherboard at AGPx4 is there anyway that i can check this?

  gudgulf 12:02 26 May 2006

I've just checked the ATI website and all current and past ATI cards will support both AGP 4x and 8x fromm to 7000 series up to the x8xx series.
So no prblem with ATI cards........NVidi will be the same.

Any 8x AGP card will work in your 4x slot.

For reference look at the AGP compliance entry at click here

And from the NVidia site Quote

"NVIDIA based graphic cards which support AGP 8x mode (Accelerated Graphics Port) follow the AGP 3.0 specification. The AGP 3.0 specification retains backwards compatibility with older AGP 4x technology. All NVIDIA Geforce and Quadro GPU's which support AGP 8x mode are downwards compatible with AGP 4x motherboards. When a graphics card which operates at AGP 8x mode is installed on a motherboard which only supports up to AGP 4x mode, the card will automatically switch to AGP 4x operation."

  Fleecey 12:44 26 May 2006

Thanks gudgulf that opens up the choice of cards massively

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