To upgrade Dell Computer Dimension 4600 Model DMC - MTC2

  Shikaree 20:00 11 Sep 2011

Hi Folks,

I've returned to PCA after a long spell of absence and find quite a great progressive change. Well done.

My Ancient 12 year old Evesham Computer has got very slow so my daughter has given me her Dell Computer. It has: a 80 GB IDE Hard Drive. AGP Graphic Card NVidia P162 FCC Standard - N11071 - 891 Ver. 330. Modem INTEL 537EPG, FFC Standard - C92-MO19-F. Memory - 2 X 256 DDR PC3200 CL3 Memory Sticks, Samsung. Motherboard- Dell - Intel- very small Motherboard. Sound Intergrated. Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor. System Chip set - Intel 865PE or 865G. Intergrated Sound Card

I would like to add a 400GB Hard Drive SATA. Add more or better Memory. Put in a better AGP Card. A Sound Card - it's got Onboard Sound.

Would the Motherboard take all these extras

Please advise.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:49 11 Sep 2011

Run SIW to get the exact motherboard model to check whether it has SATA ports, IDE large drives are expensive now.

If running XP do not go above 3.5G of memory it should run fast enough on 1G on that machine

AGP cards are getting hard to come by and if your not using it to play games then don't bother upgrading the graphics.

  lotvic 22:04 11 Sep 2011

Dell™ Dimension™ 4600 Series Service Manual has motherboard diagram and specifications

  Shikaree 23:17 11 Sep 2011

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Thanks for your prompt reply. The Motherboard has Two Sata Connectors. In the Dell the Hard Drive ports are at the bottom of the case, near the Front panel.

I have removed the hard Drive, AGP Card, Memory Sticks, and Modem. This Machine is not Booting up even with the XP card in it. That's the reason I want to put in another Hard Drive, install the OS and Antivirus and Microsoft Word then make the old hard Drive 80GB the Secondary and transfer all my daughters data to the New Hard Drive so she can bring her Laptop and copy it all on to her machine.

As I was doing all that I thought Upgrade a little more, of curse I'll have to Partition the Bigger Hard Drive, if it's IDE.

Are IDE and Sata Hard Drives the same size. Will the Sata Hard Drive fit where the IDE Hard Drive is.



Thanks for your prompt reply too. Thanks for the link.


  onthelimit1 08:43 12 Sep 2011

Yes, they are the same physical size, so will fit in the Dell bays

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:29 12 Sep 2011

Yes you may need an adaptor to change from D molex to SATA power

and if you are going to completely reinstall XP you will either need to load SATA drivers from floppy at the F 6 prompt during install or slipstream the sata drivers with XP cd using nlite

  Shikaree 17:31 15 Sep 2011

Sorry I have not forgotten all of you

onthelimit1 - Thanks for your reply.

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - Thanks for you reply too and the Links to Help.

Most probably, yes, it will be XP Pro. Noted about the DRIVERS.

Windows 7 may not be a good idea for this machine. How about VISTA.

My daughter can't find her Windows XP CD. I have managed to trace a store that is selling XP Pro with SP3 but will Microsoft allow me to Validate it as they don't make them any more.



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